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LinkedIn’s New Design is More Like Facebook Design

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LinkedIn New Design
Have you recently logged in to your LinkedIn account? Or how often do you check your LinkedIn account? Is it as frequent as Facebook? We don’t think so. LinkedIn recently gave its appearance a few operations over at their desktop version a new appearance. The look of the desktop version is now a lot like Facebook. Can we call it a coincidence? Let’s find out. LinkedIn was initially a platform for the professionals to connect with the likeminded people and worked in only a certain part of the world. Now, every professional has his LinkedIn profile up and shinning as you can display your projects, ongoing work, skills and experiences.

How helpful LinkedIn was even when it had a lot to offer for professionals of any kind? The interface and plenty of email notifications kept people away for a long time and users despite of having the need to network and communicate kept distant for the social networking website. Even though millions of users use LinkedIn but a lot of people were still reluctant due to the complicated design and interface. This initiated the need of a new and user friendly interface for the website. With the new update recently taken place, LinkedIn now looks a lot like Facebook.

Glancing through the things critics have to say about the similarities of the design, not only the design looks like coincidently designed a lot similar to Facebook, the makers and the designers have nothing to explain. According to the LinkedIn team, they do not feel that there are any ‘copied’ factors in the website and since Facebook is a social media website and so is LinkedIn, the similarities have to be there and there is nothing very strange about them. They also happen to compare the whole thing with emails and they seem to think that emails look the same too which is a bad comparison, they could have given a better example for sure.

On the brighter side, LinkedIn has become more user friendly and now with the update in the interface and appearance of the website, the use has not only become easier but it has become more interesting as it is very similar to the one social media platform that they are already using. So the users do not have to worry about getting the hang of the new appearance and finding out how what is done now. If we look back at the history of Facebook designs, Facebook seems to have changed their appearance a lot of times and the people using Facebook for business and personal use often complained as their profiles had to be redesigned overnight. Facebook also worked to make the use easier but then it had to be learned from the start.

LinkedIn has now changed their design and made it very similar to Facebook; as a result it has become very user friendly. The users will have to change and alter their business and personal profiles a little in order to match the new look of the desktop version. Even then, it would not be a lot of work since most of the things from your end remain the same. With the easier look and use of the website, it is sure to generate more users and more daily visits than ever before and this is by far LinkedIn’s biggest desktop website makeover. If they are able to knockback what critics have to say, they are off to a great new start and the users surely will now be getting a whole new experience.

The updated home page is focused on the newsfeed more making it very easy and smooth for the users now. Now all the professionals that are regular LinkedIn users to the people who a long time back made a profile and forgot about it, LinkedIn have just become easier and we hope to see more regular users than ever before since using it is now simplified. If you log in to your LinkedIn account right now, you will notice a huge difference in the overall appearance of the desktop version. The icons on the top have easy to understand symbols and the people who use Facebook they will take a minute to understand the whole look and they will instantly feel like home. LinkedIn wants to make sure that this time around, people stick around more.

LinkedIn is also offering $50 worth of free promotion and if you log in today, you will be offered the free promotion right away. Along with that, now you will need a cover photo for your profile and it must be huge, LinkedIn is offering a huge space to showcase the best you have to attract profile views and more exposure. A noticeable huge upgrade is the direct messaging feature. Now LinkedIn asks you and suggests you to send a direct message and it no more are restricted to the email inbox kind of interface, the chat pops up and works like, again, Facebook. The suggestions are more frequent and you will experience that as soon as you proceed using the new interface your suggestions and newsfeed is altered to match your requirements.

It has however not shifted entirely to algorithms and they are partially applied. You get to choose what you want to see on your feed and what you don’t want to see. Soon enough, your profile and newsfeed will be perfectly synced and you will get more and better quality use of LinkedIn. If you have a business page on LinkedIn, you must try to adapt to the new changes as soon as possible and keep your business up to date as to not look unprofessional. The new LinkedIn interface will surely help making communication easier and better and now, one can easily find what they are looking for and communicate with people better and efficiently. Recruiters will also find it easier to hunt professionals down since more people will be attracted due to the easier upgrade.

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