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Top 4 Trends of Digital Marketing in 2017 You Need to Learn

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Digital Marketing in 2017
These days, marketing is not like a thing to introduce a thing to customers or consumers. The concept of marketing is changed totally and now marketing of each product is done before the arrival of that product in the market. It includes several techniques including offline and online activities such as adverting and online marketing through social media marketing. In the area of social media where everyone used different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so, idea of content marketing is change too. Here the different ways that will lead you to have successful digital marketing in 2017.

Content Marketing:
As it is said that content is the king. So whenever you need to promote your product, you will need to have a focus on content marketing. It includes articles and press releases that are issued or published when a product is announced. For example, Nokia has announced to release new Nokia 3310 then how will it announce? Definitely a press release will be sent to news distribution websites that will further distribute the press release to different channels. This is the fastest way till yet to announce a product.

Live Videos:
Live videos are another effective way to promote your products. However, the main thing is that you may have insufficient resources to use this strategy. For example for a live video, you will need Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account with sufficient number of active followers so that the video that you make live, users are informed immediately. On the other way, if you don’t have sufficient followers then you will need to have a video that should made live on other channels including TV channels. These videos may include product specification or information that may be needed to show to customers.

Social Media Marketing:
Social media marketing is another way of promoting a product in a proper way. We know that billions of people use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for communication with their friends and colleagues so, it is the most effective way to spread your message to social media users. Here different strategies are involved. For example you may need paid advertising to reach specific audience by targeting social media users on the basis of their interest and age group. Second thing will be that you will need to convey your message to your followers and those followers will share your message to other users.

Using Contests and Freebies Offers:
Another way that is used to promote products, is offering different contests or freebies offers. For example if a mobile company is launching a new mobile, then with its campaign, the company will announce that the first 100 buyers will get that mobile free of cost. Hence we will be able to see large number of people who will place order for that mobile instantly. In the same way, if a company announces that this mobile will come with an ABC free gadget then this will be another trick to make people interested to buy that mobile.

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