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Amazon’s Deliveries via Drones is Finally Happening But What Can Go Wrong?

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Amazon’s Deliveries via Drones
Amazon has now finally started experimenting on their final steps of deliveries via drones and it is already becoming the prey of critics. The drones will be dropping the packages with parachutes, and the packages will land exactly where they were supposed to be delivered. The packages will be dropped from a drone with a parachute attached so first the drone needs to be highly accurate on its own and then the dropping part and the weather playing its part, this something that needs more work and now we know why Amazon has took forever to start this drone thing finally after years of the news broke in. anyways, some experiments have taken place in a university in Cambridge, UK and so the work is actually happening and we might be seeing package rain soon because of the number of increasing online shoppers and the frequency of the online orders increasing, this thing may not be as effective as it may look like to them from a technical point of view. If their target is to get the orders delivered faster and make it more productive then we will have to see how the experiments have gone so far.

The news however is not something we can rely on as the patent was spotted by CNN so we suggest this might be happening that your deliveries might reach you through a parachute and as a delivery through drone may face many challenges, dropping the package on the exact spot where it is supposed to reach is one of them. Deliveries have been spotted so far I many locations but they are controlled environments and they are not opened to risks. But delivering in locations that are different from the others and have more environmental risks as maybe a dog or a local cat finds your package before you in your own yard and ruins it before you even know it was lying there, or it falls off and lands through a parachute and gets stuck in a tree. Maybe someone tries to shoot it down and the 30 minutes premium service takes forever to be tracked and you know there are many things that can happen when it comes to something that is not monitored by a real human being.

A lot of other things that have a chance of happening are unfavorable weather for such kind of deliveries and etc. But on a positive side, in weathers where humans can’t come and deliver your stuff, such as if it snows and you are locked in your home and you will not be getting anything delivered at home, maybe a drone can help you in those days. But then are these drones going to be made differently for different kinds of weathers and what else should we expect to experience if the parachute thing is not taking place. There needs to be a solution for the people living in apartments and cities with tall buildings because a drone can easily and in your backyard and if you order something via Amazon prime and pay for premium shipping then you can keep an eye on your backyard and expect a drone landing and dropping your package in 30 minutes. But what will be the people living in apartments doing if they don’t have a backyard where a drone can land to drop a package.

These drones however be intelligent enough to no go to address and make deliveries where they were not ordered at but if you come to think of it, you package lying in the front door, it can be picked up by anyone and it can be lost if you accidentally leave home without waiting for your package for enough time. The service has not yet fully launched so there is no saying about if the service will cost you more. Currently it is in the process of testing and only testing is being done for now not the actual deliveries so do not already expect to see drones flying by your house and dropping neighbor’s PlayStation 4 and what not. You can however expect this to happen very soon as now the testing has begun.

Those who did not know about the Amazon’s plans of air deliveries through drones and dropping makeup and books and similar stuff through the drone deliveries may have questions and they may find this idea funny but there are patents of funnier things straight out of Avengers out there but they are just patents. There are patents of a warehouse in the sky too but don’t worry, as they say it is just a patent and doesn’t have to be a real thing but you never know with Amazon after the drone delivery this can be the next thing too. Their UAV’s developments look good so far and the hurdles along the way they might face in regulation are a different story. Amazon already has a competitor in deliveries through drone that has completed 100 deliveries by air already and it set to go so tough luck for Amazon.

There is also saying that America may not be the first country to have the Amazon launch their Prime Air in and they say that there is no reason why America must be the first. But Amazon sure has beaten by 7-Eleven that has completed 100 deliveries because Amazon may have taken a little too much time in the beginning after announcing that they might be working on something like this earlier in 2015. One can imagine plenty of great things as well as stuff that can be a huge problem in a delivery service as such but so far everything seems to be working out for Amazon and it sure looks like they are doing to make it happen very soon as we will be finally witnessing Prime Air passing by the window very soon or maybe knocking into one of those who knows.

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