Thursday, December 8, 2016

Custom Software Development Solutions

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Custom software can be defined as tailor made software for a specific need on customers demand. For example, ATM machines at banks, bar code readers at super stores, facial recognition machines in departments run on custom software. Custom software is always designed on a customer’s demand according to their needs.

As custom software is developed for a single specific customer, it can accommodate the customer's particular expectations and needs. Custom software is usually developed in an iterative method which allows all nuances and all possible risks to be taken into account, including the issues which were not mentioned in the requirement specifications or it can be simple, basic software with limitations and specific tailored purpose. The first phase of the custom software development process involves many departments, including, research and development, marketing, general management and engineering.

Custom software is usually considered expensive when compared to other software. This is because of the upfront license cost that usually turns out to be millions of dollars but vary accordingly. Secondly, the maintenance cost is also high as mostly the custom software is highly technical.

Pros of Custom Software:There are many advantages of choosing custom software over on shelf software for a company.
  • Efficiency: custom software increases the efficiency of the machine as it is carefully planned, created and maintained. With custom software, the efficiency of the company increases as custom software is easy to use.
  • Increased level of productivity: Custom software provides what on shelf software cant. Choosing custom software according to the needs and resources of the company implies to an increased productivity of the company.
  • Fast processing: Custom software is fast, reliable and more durable than other software. Working with custom software is always easy and reliable.
  • Security: Custom software is made according to the demand of the customer. It is safe by security perspective as security tools can be added in the custom software.

Cons of Custom Software:
In spite of many benefits of custom software, there are some limitations of custom software as well.
  • Expensive: The biggest disadvantage of the custom software is high cost. The creation of custom software is not very expensive but the market price is out of approach of many people. The initial licensing cost varies accordingly and lies in the range of several million dollars. Due to this high cost and expensive installing, custom software is used only in big companies.
  • Technical: Usually, custom software is highly technical. Maintenance of custom software needs special technician and thus its use is limited in market.
  • Custom Software Solutions: Dealing in custom software, installation, maintenance and sale lies in the category of custom software solutions. A lot of professional companies have started giving services in software solutions. Most of them are dealing in selling of software while a few also deal in maintenance and installation as well. Software solutions is one of the most wide field of IT with a lot of future as well because of the ever increasing technology. 



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