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How to Manage Mobile App Analytics to Acquire More Customers

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Mobile App Analytics
There are many reasons why a user might choose or abandon an app, and the best way to clear the murky waters of user behavior is by using mobile analytics software. Analytics can provide invaluable insights into how users interact with your app, and they can help you focus your efforts on the areas which are most appealing to your user base. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how mobile analytics can help you acquire more customers.

By Improving Existing Features:
With app analytics you can save both time and money by finding out which features appeal to your users the most. A good analytics software will be able to show you how many times and at what points during the interaction a feature is used. If you find out that a feature is rarely used, you can take it out of your app. If the data shows that there is potential for improvement, you can focus your development efforts on that feature.

By Making Your App More Accessible:
Improving your app’s accessibility can be done by analyzing two factors: user flow and user engagement. User flow will help you determine where a user might close your app. For example, a counter intuitive feature or a bug might make a user close your app. App analytics can show you choke points, which you can then address by on boarding the user, streamlining a feature or fixing a bug. User engagement is a metric that helps you determine the length and frequency of sessions. If you find that you get plenty of downloads, but the app is only used once by most users, something’s clearly not right. In this case, you want to map out a journey and figure out whether it’s a design or a functionality flaw. From there, it’s easy to implement and test features that drive up your user retention, features such as push notification or an on-boarding process.

By Tracking ROI:
While ROI might not be a direct indicator of user behavior, it is a good indicator of your app’s ability to convert users and the effectiveness of your ad networks. Analytics can help you know where your users come from, and if you are using several ad networks, you can start separating the wheat from the chaff and focusing your investments on the most profitable marketing channels. Furthermore, you can determine the value of each user that is sent your way, which is another great way to find out where you get your highest quality referrals from.

By Detecting Bugs and Crashes:
There are currently many mobile devices in use, and while it might be great to have the perfect one-time solution, the world does not work that way. Many users fall through the cracks simply due to compatibility issues. Analytics software can help track those crashes and offer detailed reports on the circumstances at hand. Using these reports, businesses can identify whether a platform is worth “saving” or not. If a platform has enough users, and the crash reports show that there is a considerable compatibility problem, developers can start working on patches and increase the user base through a new update.

By Increasing Conversions:
Acquiring a customer is a long process that always ends with a sale/conversion. Analytics can help you reach that end goal by identifying flow funnels, and the factors that trigger conversions, purchases or the specific actions which brings in revenue.

Analytics are very powerful tools for developers who want to ensure that they generate a healthy revenue stream from their app. This is done through identifying what can improve the user experience, and the bottlenecks that hinder the conversion process. Thanks to analytics, the process of iteration and successful optimization of an app is no longer a drawn out, nebulous process. Instead, developers can rely on clear and accurate data to make a decision.

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