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5G and its brilliant uses that can shape our future

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Meta description: 5G is primed to take the world by surprise and unleash its power to change our
lifestyles for good by 2020.
5G simply stands for fifth generation, however it isn’t the fifth generation of your favorite laptop brand
or tablet make, 5G is specifically the latest technological upgrade on broadband standard. Yes, it is the
successor to currently residing 3G and 4G technologies. Even though it is not expected to arrive before
the spring of 2020, its potential capabilities are quite a talking point in the tech world today.
A commitment of a rapid moving world
GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) believes that the arrival of 5G technology should see us
dwell in a much faster world. According to GSMA, 5G promises end point connections in the range of 1
to 10 Gbps, a thousand times better bandwidth per unit area, 90% energy usage reduction and a battery
life of ten years for low power devices. 3G and 4G worked by acquiring signals from the nearest tower
and provided quite a breakthrough in cellular communication. The download speeds soared to 100
Mbps. However, what 5G can bring to the people of this world is something quite unassailable. 5G
connectivity shall be three times faster than 4G, which promises a quick integration and arrival of the
world of connected devices.
The pros and cons of 5G
Of course 5G will make our access to data and the world of internet much faster than 4G. The current
bandwidth standards of the world have already given us hassle free internet on-the- go, with the best
connection packages facilitating lag free internet browsing. Thus, what 5G can bring to the world can
only be imagined. A theoretical download speed of 10 Gbps is already being anticipated, which will
possibly eliminate the word ‘loading’ from our lives for good. As every technological advancement is
aimed at quickening and hastening of things, 5G will certainly satiate our speed needs. However, this
transcendence from 3G/4G to 5G will come at a great implementation cost. Every gadget that we use
today will become obsolete, and because the arrival of 5G will need a new radio frequency band, we
might be looking at RF traffic.
What’s exciting coming up in 5G
As many cellular companies and technological powerhouses precipitate their work in 5G, some have
already set implementation and testing targets. Verizon claims to launch and test 5G with the customers
within the next seven months. On the other hand, South Korea has invested about 1.5 billion USD in the
R&D for 5G, with the aim of trials in 2017. Cellphone and PDA manufacturers will need proofs of the
future of 5G as they are the ones who will have to incorporate the associated infrastructure to
accommodate the new technology. Moreover, a new eco-system, architecture and agreed set of
standards will have to be devised right from the word go.
Uses of 5G- a brief insight
The mere thought of 5G makes us drool over the extent of technological leverage we might have on our
hands. 5G will provide the ultimate platform for a smart world. The automated communication of
devices, internet of things, smart homes, real-time app assistants, logistics, driverless cars and health
care, 5G is primed to change our world in entirety. So if you ever dreamt of a completely automated
world, well, it may not be very far!

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