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Four Ways Google Is Protecting You From Malicious Attacks

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Google Malicious Protection
Google knows that private security is of the utmost importance throughout the online user-base. Here is how they are working to improving it today. Browsing the internet is becoming more and more risky with developments in hacking and account phishing. Your privacy has never been more susceptible to intrusion but fortunately, Google is hard at work in protecting your online presence. They have recently made big strides to ensuring that you are safe from such attacks.

Evolution in how users surf the web, as well as share files has been it more complicated to come up with innovated solutions for. However, Google has taken a steady hold of the growing situation and reduced instances of their users being vulnerable. Many of them have been thanks to Google’s recent announcements that include, but are not limited to, upgrades and firmware improvements. As the user, here’s what you need to know about how such policies will affect you.

Safeguard against Social Engineering Attacks:
One of the easiest ways users are being taken advantage of is social engineering attacks. These are attacks that are designed in a way to trick web surfers into visiting a website or clicking a link that leads to their computers being compromised. An example is a fake notification for downloading updates. These have been particular challenging to protect against, but Google has taken a stand to fight again fake notifications such as these. From now on, Google’s automated monitor will detect suspicious links such as these and will take extra measure to keeping them away from websites that are employing them, as well as guard users from running into them.

Reduction in Virus Transfer:
Google Drive has seen a massive decrease in corrupted data being transferred to its cloud servers. Google has been adamant in protect all surfing on their browsers with the new and improved SSL and https securing technologies. These combined with the recent firewalls and security measures made on Google Drive has improved virus and malware exchange to a great degree. As users of Google products, there is little to no need to worry about any malicious software making their way inside your system. As far as you are concerned, their traffic has been nearly eradicated to the point where they are no longer an issue with many Windows and Mac based operating systems.

Improved Security on Cookie Based Websites:
Cookies have always been a controversial topic. On one hand, they enhance user experience and provide smoother and richer surfing sessions. However, they can also backfire, providing hackers with sensitive information about the users. Google has recently updated their cookie tracking database to host a more reliable user preference calculation techniques. Upgrading cookies has been a big step towards user security as well as improving accessibility on many websites.

Safer Networking from Public Computers:
If you are a college student or an office worker, chances are you may be using more than one hardware. Logging into public computers has always been risky but Google has recently implemented new security protocols to improve your public information sharing. If you log in to public domains, you will notice that you will be required to verify your identity through Google’s new three step procedure. This is a tried and true method that many other companies like Apple have used in the past, and its effectiveness comes from its simplicity and robust methods.

If you are still unsure if Google will completely tackle the problem of hacking and virus traffic, then statistics should convince you. Over the last three years, virus exchange has reduced by nearly 70%, largest in history. Plus there have been almost no reports on accounts being hacked or stolen in the past month. Google may not achieve 100% efficiency, but they are certainly on the right track. It remains to be seen how far they can push their security innovation.

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