Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why Your SEO Competitors Are Your Best Friends

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The competition for the top places in the search results on Google and Co is quite high. SEO Winnipeg can help to improve rankings in SERPs. Startups are often established on the basis of a business idea, but with few resources. So maybe there is a technically flawless and visually attractive website ready. But that is not done, you want to reach the target audience with the service or product range offered. It has to be established and expanded a visibility on the Internet, which allows potential customers to come across the offer.

For initial increase this visibility requires an interaction between different online marketing measures. Not infrequently this placing ads in search engines play a major role. Long-term streams of visitors can be but with pay-per-click campaigns (PPC) does not draw on my website: Too low the average click-through rate with Adwords campaigns in comparison to organic search results (according to a study by Group M UK click 94% of all search engine users not on display). Too high is the competition, which was also placed with similar business models for the same search terms already on the organic top positions. But it is precisely these "enemies" can be for your own online marketing learn a lot.

Keyword Monitoring: What my opponent is found, am I too!
It is, initially, a keyword research be carried out if a startup is launching his product or service. Whatever marketing measure to plan, a prior search for the possible success potential of keywords on which you align the content and sales activities, serves as orientation. Of course, notice that for many of the interesting keywords - those with a high search volume and a high PPC value in Google Adwords - already ranks the competition.

Here it is advisable for one to bring in knowledge, what landing pages - and thus what content - the competition occupied the top positions. Secondly, on which link-providing sites they could reach these positions. A content analysis of the competing landing pages for important keywords are for an impetus for new keyword ideas, according to which one should align its content to boost their own ranking. And secondly, it is worth looking at the wording of the web page content of the competition for the optimization of their own texts in the title, meta description and on the website in order to increase the click through rate for their own content. The following free online tools are to get started:
  1. Brand Monitoring: Using Google Alerts to receive all notices, which has included the search engine to the desired brand (or topic) in its index.
  2. Keyword Monitoring: place with free keyword research tools like Keyword Eye and compares it relevant keywords in terms of their success potential.
  3. Backlink Analysis: Free backlink checker for my website, but also for the competitors, there are a dime a dozen. A first good point is, for example, the backlink checker from seo-united, which outputs a list of domains from which you already have links.

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