Thursday, March 10, 2016

Twitter With New Enhanced Features Now!

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Twitter With New Features
Twitter is here with a new change in its features. You can now see the long conversations on twitter, as it has changed its display of conversations. Therefore you can now get a view of complete replies. You can also find any event or occasion by just entering the name and getting the most recent updates or tweets for it. IPhone has something new for you in Twitter! IPhone users might be excited to know that what the change that twitter has got for them is. Have a look at the following enhancements and enjoy!
  • When you are adding any tweet, you can get recommendations from twitter if you are typing a name, or something that is known to twitter, this makes it easier to find the person, and saves you much time in writing the whole name.
  • Searching for popular terms or hot topics going on, enables you to have a glance at the most recent Tweets by people, for instance you entered Pakistan day, then you will be able to see all the posts that relate to it.
  • It does no longer support the videos which you upload by Vodpod, Postereous or Mobypicture. 
  • If you want to hide someone or do not want their tweets visible, then simply block that person on twitter.
  • You can settle the viruses in this application and there are other advances as well 

Twitter - Modifications in Android Side:
There is a change in android version too, that is now you can remain updated about the news or events, by simply searching that topic and numerous posts related to your topic will come up, and you can read whatever is of the interest. Further on, Pull-to-refresh in Discover will enable you to watch smooth animations which are extremely new, and same iPhone features are available here. Along with that, elucidation of viruses can be done with much more other enhancements.

Twitter App Cards:
Twitter has new feature of app cards, or twitter cards which enable you to have access to media content such as, articles, pictures, videos, and further. This was announced by Twitter that mobile having twitter application can now enjoy the media stuff. You can also commence your beloved application from Tweets, have them installed and discover new things. So, now you can have entertainment stuff with Twitter, which boosts its market in mobile phones, whether it is an Android or iOS, it is absolutely for free and gratifying. Further improvements are as follows:
  • Whoever retweets you, replies to your question, or adds your Tweet to favorites will be displayed now
  • You can read stuff that catches your attention or is a site of your interest easily
  • Discover is there to help you find anything you are curious about
  • Your profile will remain at the center now, and enable people to know you more, as your pictures and details will be available to them at the center.

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