Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Positive Aspects Of Social Media On Different Fields Of Life

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Social media has surely changed the life styles and standards of people. People do want a good social networking system all the time. Interacting and stalking different people or companies are now useful in many different fields of life. It has affected the society in several different ways. Interactions are increased and isolation is finished. It is the most beneficial thing for all those people who do not have friends in real life. They can make friends on social networking websites and overcome their fear of meeting different people.

Impact On Students: Around the world youth are the most interactive generation. They interact with each other and update every tiny detail about them on social networking sites. They are the true reason of promotions of online shopping, communication, online ads marketing and all other services of social networking and web developments. Kids are following the life of youngsters and old people are also becoming active users of internet to some extent.

As students web industry has boosted the communication power among themselves. Now, they interact with each other all the time and also with their teachers. School is not a learning institute any more. Students can learn through internet by many different ways. They are getting knowledge about latest technology and use it before any other person. Students like to experience new things and if they specializing in the field of information technology or engineering they collaborate with latest technology very often.

Impact on Sociology: Sociology is the study of people interacting in a society. In 19 century interaction was a different thing. Mode of communication was telephone or letters. Now, many online tools such as, facebook, twitter etc are used as mode of communication, telephone and even mobile phones are giving less interactions. People now use smart phones instead of simple mobile because mobiles do not fulfill the need any more.

Posting images, videos and statuses have given ways of interacting with all friends and family in every possible way. Social networking has made dating very easy. Every young man or woman can find their perfect mate through different mating apps or sites. Free apps are popular in smart phones and they are updating on regular basis. Democracy is common in the whole world due to social networking because it gives the liberty post anything you want. There are many different apps on which you can share your thoughts regarding any social issue or tragic realities about life.

Impact On Business: It is a long debate how social media is beneficial for any business. As web industry gave great height to business which surely helps in economic growth. Online ads, and posting blogs and articles are very useful for promotional activities. The businesses are interacting with stakeholders with their official websites and social media. Posting blogs on search engines give more traffic on web pages which results in getting more potential customers from the local market or global market. It depends on the type of your product or service.

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