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Some Amazing and Heart Winning Apps In Nokia Phones Now!

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Nokia Phones
Nokia phones are ranked at fourth according to their operating systems that is Symbian. But, there are some entertaining and amazing applications in the market which one should go for. Let’s have a look at WLM, Fring, Skype, Bright light, flash light, and energy pro.

Windows live messenger in Symbian system:
Windows live messenger is an application which is not available for every mobile in Nokia’s store, though it can be downloaded in some phones via OVI store. it works really well in them, as it has been commented by many users, it has remarkable features in it, and is worth having for sure, because of great voice quality.

Fring- a package of all:
Fring is actually such an application on your mobile phone which contains Twitter, Skype, Windows Live Messenger and many other apps. It is a package of all, therefore if you have these apps with you. Then, download fring and enjoy the communication, interaction with friends and family members. The drawback for fring is just that its voice quality is not as worth as of Skype or windows live messenger, and contacts cannot be shown via email.

Enjoy chatting and voice conversations with Skype for free:
Skype is the cheapest and reasonable way to interact with people on daily basis. If you are far away from your family members or friends, you should have Skype app in your phones. This makes life much easier, because you do not have to think a thousand times before making a call to a foreign country. You just need to download this from OVI store in Nokia phones, and get started. It is worth for business purpose as well; because meetings can be arranged at any time anywhere, whether you are far away from your business partners or clients. Thus, having such a service for free almost was unimaginable for many of us. But, no more worries for making infinite calls, everywhere, anytime.

Bright light and flash light:
The cell phones in Nokia have flash, for the cameras. But then, if you need a switch to open up that light to the most brightest. Then, download this application of bright light that serves as a switch to light up the room with brightness all over. This saves your time and fulfils the torch purpose. Whereas, flash light is another application for people who want to have lights of different colors on display screen, such as yellow, pink, blue, green etc. it just makes people comfortable when they are asleep at the same time serving good to you, as you can find your way in a dark room, without disturbing others.

Energy pro-know how much battery is consumed by your phone:
Energy pro is good to have as an app in your mobiles. Because, one can have the analysis that where is most of the energy consumed and how much is it consumed. Energy profile is helpful for your battery consumption.

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