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Monitoring ECG Through AliveCor Sensor in IPhone 4

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AliveCor Sensor in IPhone 4
AliveCor sensor is a fresh application for IPhone 4 or 4S, it is a portable monitor that measures the heart rate, or heart’s activity, and it is worth having because your ECG that is electro cardiogram rhythms can be measured anytime anywhere and you don’t need to carry anything extra with you, because your IPhone can be transformed in to a heart monitor whenever you want. This is an easy to use application for heart patients.

How to get this application?
  1. Look for the AliveECG application on the Apple’s store
  2. Download it
  3. Make an account and begin your work.

How does it function?
There is a cover which has electrodes on it, you just need to attach it at the back of your iPhone then place one finger from each hand on to the electrodes, as soon as you do so, it will sense the contact between your fingers and the electrode, that proper contact is made or not. Then, it starts to record the rhythms, it may take 30 seconds for it to measure your heart rate, and it will be displayed on to the screen of your iPhone. Your heart activity can be reviewed at any time of the day, as they are recorded in your phone, if you are a heart patient and you feel like visiting the doctor, then you may show him the previous recordings promptly, which will help in quick medication or recovery.

Handy and Convenient to use!
It is the easiest way of reading one’s heart activity or pulse rate, because you do not need to have any external connections from your iPhone 4 or above. Instead, a wireless connection is required between your iPhone and the cover. Just you need is an AliveECG app and get started. You don’t need to be positioned under heavy machines or put your body under any kind of machines to get your ECG checked, you simply need to rest your hands on the electrodes and immediate results can be seen on the iPhone’s screen. Its user friendly and inexpensive than usual ECG patients get from a clinic or hospitals, because it only costs $199 to buy it, and a number of times this app can be utilized, recorded as well as transferred

If you are worried about you iPhone’s battery, then there is a relief. AliveECG application does not make use of phone’s battery instead, the 3Volts coin cell battery is utilized for this purpose.

Clinically accepted:
The best thing about AliveECG application of AliveCor heart monitor is that it is clinically approved by the specialists and doctors. They say that AliverCor gives accurate results, in no time. Hence, you can trust this device and make your life much easier. A patient in an aero plane was going through a heart attack, and thanks to AliveCor sensor that he used it and recognized that he his heart health is not good enough to travel, thus the plane made an emergency landing stage.

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