Thursday, March 10, 2016

Looking for Start Menu in Windows 8?

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Windows 8 Start Menu
Windows 8 has illuminated the start menu and replaced it with start screen. You can view all the applications in your phone in form of live tiles that makes it easier for you to access your emails, messages etc. Start screen is a good option for touch screens but when it comes to desktop pc, start menu is a better option. Start menu may not be in Windows 8 but its replacements are available in the market. Some are listed below.

Classic Shell:
Classic shell nails itself to be the replica of older version of start menu. Once you have installed it it will show all the programs in start menu. IT will have search bar and a command option just like an actual start menu. It’s a simple and flexible program.

Power8, a replica of start menu comes with some alterations if compared with other free replacements for Window 8 start menu. Just like others, it shows all the programs in the panes. When you right click on start menu several pop ups will appear. Letting you to customize it according to your need. You can change the size of the icons, rearrange them.

Pokki is another start menu program for Windows 8. IT includes all the programs in the start. You can view and open documents easily. It also contains shut down button with different options like restart, shutdown and lock screen.

Another replacement for start menu is Start8. It has been designed to accommodate the user according to his/her convenience. The user can change themes , add a picture, resize font. The programs are shown in traditional pane format. It contains shortcuts for documents, pictures and music.

Start Menu Plus8:
It’s a traditional kind of start menu with some extended features. When the installation is done ,it asks you whether you want to operate it at basic level, standard or standard plus. Basic level provides you with customization options. You can make shortcuts, create folders, and add pictures to it. As the level increases it offers increased features. If you are interested in learning new ways and spending time on it then this may be the program that you are looking for.

Start Menu 7:
StartMenu7 has been designed to provide you with customized look and feel and a flexibility of traditional start menu. It offers you resizing option. You can right click on any icon to open it or create a shortcut. It has a power panel with options of shutdown, restart, and hibernate. A traditional search and run commands. This menu has been designed for both desktop as well as touch screens. This is a handy program that is simple and easy to handle.

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