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Install Cell Phone Parental Control Software To Find The Reality!

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Parental Control Software
Who says parenting teens is easy? You’ll find a lot of literature available on how to raise your kids to be excellent human beings. That’s that! But, even if you are good at what you do, you still need something a smart way to tackle the Generation Y. Them being ten times smarter and quick in adopting newer things and technology, as a matter of fact, ever thought you could monitor your kids internet and phone activities and see how they make use of the technology? For someone tech-savvy, it wouldn’t be a problem, however 80% of parents cannot handle the new technology and hence, stay oblivious of how their kids use the internet or use their latest smartphones for what purposes. Seeing this problem, companies have created parental software for easily monitoring your kids phone activities.

Do I need parental software control for my kids?
With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, everything has changed to its highest degree. Previously, kids had different ways to enjoy and have fun, today they have internet and mobile phones. The level of dependency of both has grown relentlessly and is on the rise. You must have heard about bullying at school incidents from your kids, but did you know that ever since the internet has evolved and made a place in our lives and that of many others not good people, the list of social evils has been added with cyber-bullying, online stalking and cyber sex. Fatal as they sound, the magnitude of the rate these crimes are eating our society is increasing devastatingly every passing day.

Today, every child has a smartphone, no denying that. With a smartphone in hand, you are just a click away from browsing for just about anything on the internet. As easy as that! But, when I think of it, it is surely alarming. Thinking that kids can easily browse of adult content online and I can never find out if they did is a cringing feeling for parents. What if your kids are being bullied? How would you know? They might be hiding something from you… Are you sure that your kids are at school or over at friends when they tell you so, but instead they might be elsewhere? Being a parent, being worried and feeling cautious about your kids’ safety is but natural and hence, if you do get a bit strict, it is understandable… but, from a kids’ perspective, they feel suffocated and trapped, not to mention ruled out privacy.

The possible benefits of parental software:
Having software that can help you literally watch your kids’ remotely is what you need. It involves no risk and secretly helps you monitor your kids. You can:
  • Read their sent and received text messages.
  • View the call history and even listen to the phone calls and stay up-to-date on what your kids are discussing these days.
  • Read their emails, including the sent and inbox messages.
  • Read their chats carried out through popular chat applications.
  • View their internet browsing history.
  • View their location on a web map with their location highlighted.

Imagine being there with your kids, even when you’re not. Keep a track of where they go, what they browse for online, what they text their friends at 2am in the morning and how much time they spend on calls. This all is possible by installing a parental control application on their phones.

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