Thursday, March 17, 2016

Facebook Launched Emoticons

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Facebook is the world’s leading social networking website. It is used by over six million people around the world. In fact, about a million accounts on facebook are of people who have expired or for some reason do not use it. It is due to the extra usage and popularity of this website globally. Facebook is always updating the website so, that every time user could feel something extra and amazing. Recently facebook has launched some new features in its website. For instance, facebook has launched instagram video sharing, photo sharing on comment thread and most importantly emoticons on their status bar.

The new smiley face is visible on the status bar. It is used to stay connected with your friends and family. The emoticons smiley shows a list of all the happenings like, what are you watching, listening to, eating, drinking and feeling. Everybody is enjoying this new feature already. People love this service. The emoticons are a very fun loving service.

I like to use this service from my Android smart phone. As it is not possible all the time to update what I am doing. So, I update” I am eating a Fatburger at lunch. Or I am drinking coke or I am feeling sad or lonely”. This feature has made me a real time facebook addict. I am always on my facebook. The main source of my connectivity is due to this new service. I have grown quite fond of my facebook.

The CEO of Facebook wrote in one of its own personal blog that the whole team of Facebook is eager to discover more innovative and entertaining ideas. We wish to give everything to our users. The emoticons are a little effort to add spice to facebook walls.

The emoticons are a emotion icon which allows the user to update the current happening. It is a simple service which shows all the happenings of the user’s life to its friends and family. Whenever I am sad r feeling lonely I use this smiley and update my status. My close friends start giving me importance and as me what happened. I feel so important and love my friends because of their extra care. Though it is just a virtual emotion telling feature but helps in building strong bonding with friends and family.

Facebook is the best way to stay connected. I can see all the current happenings of my friends who are not in touch for several years. It also helps to know about the likes and dislikes of the special person. If you will tag the name of a song you are listening to or the name of the film or tv series you are watching your friend can open the link and can also enjoy the songs or films you watch. It will be very helpful for the word of mouth of the film or song. Many marketing agencies see facebook as the most important source of popularity. Nobody can deny the importance of facebook’s life in our lives. It has become the most essential source of communication with our friends and family.

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