Friday, March 11, 2016

ABC News App For Windows 8

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ABC News is the top news channel. It shows all the latest news around the world. It has the maximum TRP. There is latest news that now; ABC news is available for Windows 8. Along with ABC news other TV channels like, discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic will also be available in the windows app store. Windows 8 is the latest windows released by Microsoft. It has many new updates and they have improved some old apps too. Windows 8 version is available in Nokia Lumia range, HTC and Samsung’s few smart phones. Windows 8 is also available in some tablets. Microsoft has launched its own Tablet “Microsoft Surface” with built in windows 8. It support as all the operations of Windows 8 very perfectly.

The launch of ABC news app is Windows 8 is actually exciting. Windows 8 is very user friendly and it is the best design for the business purposes. As all businessmen are mostly interested in news updates, so, this app is very helpful from business point of view. ABC News has all the latest news, articles, videos, interviews, blogs and photos etc. it has the videos of all American shows which held in ABC News Channel. These shows are Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, 20/20, and This Week. It gives the weekly features, daily news articles, evening editions, breaking news and midday. ABC News Channel app has a blue back ground. This makes it more interesting. The interface gives options about the options about the current news updates you should see. These main options are; health, money, U>S> politics, technology, investigations, sports and entertainment.

I click on entertainment because I like to read the entertainment side first. The entertainment page encloses it has all the latest updated articles, videos, news about different happenings, all the Page 3 parties with latest celebrity interviews. ABC News tells everything about America. The America’s most favorite news channel. Windows 8 new app provides everything which is available on TV. The app is no difference then the original channel. It gives all the latest news. It might be possible that you will miss important news on TV. But it is not possible in this app. All news and articles can never be removed. They can lose because of other but load of articles and stuff. You can find it from the search bar.

You can swipe from one story to another from the home screen. The morning show is an award winning show of ABC News so, the quality is also maintained on the app. ABC News can never compromise on quality. They have the highest TRP because of their quality material and display images. They believe in what they show to people. Nobody deny the credibility of the information they provide on their page. The app is free to install. It gives a complete coverage 24/7. There are no stops or pauses on the app. It is amazing experience to read information from Windows 8.

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