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Some Tips to Prepare for TOEFL Exam for Visa

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TOEFL which is known to be as Test of English as a Foreign Language is an exam which student needs to give in order to get foreign visa. It is basically a English language proficiency test which have been taken from non-native English speakers who want to go out of their countries to other countries like US, Canada and others for business purpose or educational purpose. It is the test which normally measures your abilities to understand English language in other countries as students. With the help of this test it is very easy to calculate and evaluate the writing, speaking, reading and listening skills of students. Each and every student now-a-days is giving TOEFL examinations in order to get admissions in one of the best university present in foreign countries whereas mostly people apply for TOEFL exams to get the visa as soon as possible for doing business out of their country.

To get admitted to foreign university or get your visa you need to take marks in your TOEFL examinations in between intermediate and average. In order to pass your TOEFL exams with good marks to get your visa you need to follow some of the tips and tricks as it is very hard to pass these exams for those who are non-native English speakers. First of all you need to make yourself familiarize with TOEFL exam format. There are many countries around the world which are now offering internet based TOEFL (iBT) and others are continuing with previous version which is paper based test (PBT). Therefore, before starting preparing yourself for you examinations you must need to keep the type of test you are giving in your mind. The major stress of people while sitting in their TOEFL examination is they don’t know anything about the format so try to read details about the format of your paper.

You need to make good research on TOEFL score requirements for the university you are going to apply. You need to prepare yourself for the best by viewing your score requirements. For preparing yourself get started from learning academic English. You don’t need to get knowledge about business world English all you need to do is read research articles, text books, journals and encyclopaedias but don’t move yourself to read advertisements or resumes. Knowing about background of any subject, story or other things is not necessary but getting familiar with academic material is important.

You can take some English language classes with your friends if he is taking it too or can borrow his books for some while to get some knowledge. Taking TOEFL classes is best option as they will provide you with best material to practise the test. But if you are learning on your own then you can buy some resources like text books which include vocabulary, CD’s, exercises, explanatory answers and practice tests. You can also use your internet to gather or collect different material and resources to improve your testing skills but keep one thing in mind that resources or text books should be up-to-date.

You can also get help from your supervisor or you can find a mentor in order to help you but keep in mind the person you hire must have enough knowledge about TOEFL. You need to build up your stamina whether you have chosen internet based test or paper based test. You need to write for a long time so your stamina should be high leveled before sitting in the test. Don’t get nervous while arriving at your test centre as nervousness eats your memory so be prepared and feel calm.

In order to save your time from wasting the best thing is to arrive your test centre before 30 minutes as time means a lot while giving TOEFL exams. You need to improve your typing skills by joining sessions organized by suitable essay writing company because you have to do a lot of typing work at the time of your test. The most important thing is to answer each and every question present on your paper. Always put your concentration to the stuff which is at your hand instead of the one which has been moved out. For speaking and writing section of your TOEFL exams you need to have strong grip on your grammar whereas academic vocabulary is also important for you to take hold. While in listening test prepare yourself to listen once and give the answer. The best tip to pass your TOEFL exam is to get strong hold over all of the four tests.


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