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Next Generation War - Artificial Intelligence vs Humans

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Next Generation War
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Artificial intelligence is created like machines having the self aware computing system. There are billions of the computers and these are intermingled with each other through their interconnection & they work on the instructions, which are given to them. Artificial intelligence is the notion, which is taken from the eccentric compute prodigies and NASA gave serious attention to work on this concept. In the electronic field, Google gave special attention for designing of everything from the next generation search engines to the electronic machines, which can listen and give response to the people. They can also move in shape of robots from one place to other and do different types of work. The computer technology is going to spread and it is working different works at a time without any break & it absolves of the people from their duties & they perform their working on their own.

With the advent of new technology in the IT industry, the concept of ultra smart computers was introduced and the machines were invented, which has the greater intelligence than the human beings do. Now with the use of this artificial intelligence, the computer driven machines has replaced various human functions and these machines have been provided with the capabilities to listen and give the reply of the questions, being asked from them, it also helps the people to solve their problems. These machines have capability of self-awareness and they have the super human intelligence in their functions.

Birth and Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: There are different types of the intelligence, which are provided with artificial neural networks, natural language processing and computer vision. These are also provided with the different tasks and the computer can speak, understand the question, and solve the complex questions. It also helps in driving the cars, fly planes, sail boats, and perform different kinds of activities, which the highly trained people can perform. This technology is provided with the improvement in the hardware and software combination and this is provided with the natural selection. The human being has carried out different experiments over dogs, horses, and cows and on many other domestic animals to judge their intelligence and they improve the artificial intelligence technologies.

Military Use of Artificial Intelligence: Now the artificial intelligence is widely used in the military as the intelligent machines are sent in the wars to prevent the loss of human beings in the wars. Now the wars will not be fought with traditional weapons and different countries will use the nuclear weapons, which are dangerous for the health of the human being. To prevent the serious consequences of these wars, it is best to send such intelligent machines in the war field. These will be very effective in fighting against the rival enemies and monitor the troops of the of the enemies. These artificial machines are well trained and they can do hundreds of works in the most complicated situations and conditions.

Self Replication: When the wars break out, then it can develop and spread to other areas and it can become harder to win these wars. New droids are prepared locally to perform different tasks in the war and if these are perished, then there is no huge damage done to them. The countries can produce more droids locally with multiple functions and they can be used in different battles. These w-droids are prepared by the use of genetic algorithms and these w-droids are prepared and used in the factories to perform different nature of tasks.

Survival of the Fittest and Isolation: Some special cyber genes are going to be prepared and spread and these are very common in the w-Droids. They can protect from the cyber genes and protect them from other w-Droids. When the wars get stronger and harder, human troops are withdrawn from the battlefield. They are replaced with the w-droids. The journalists are also replaced, who are present in the battlefield for making images of different scenes. After the war, these w-droids are isolated and all of the information are taken from them and share only such news, which are necessary for the public.

Next Generation War: As the world is progressing, the trends and methods of the wars are also developed. Now new weapons are invented and these are more dangerous than the traditional weapons and they can spread huge destruction on the vast part of the world. Most of the countries are also thinking over the idea to fight the war with the artificial machines or droid rather than use of the human troops. These countries want to protect their forces and replace the human forces with the artificial troops. In the next generation war, the mortality rate on the border will be less but the dangerous and long distance missiles can do heavy loss of human lives in the cities. These droids will be trained to use different weapons and hurt the enemies as long as possible. The artificial intelligence is produced in different countries locally. The human beings can replace these and it reduces the necessity of the human being not only on the war but also in different fields of life.

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