Thursday, February 11, 2016

Make Every Moment of Your Life Memorable

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Share Your Moments
IPhone is definitely something worth having, because 100’s of applications on iPhone can make you go simply crazy! It has unlimited apps for social media interacting, tourism, news update, camerawork, production and much more, such as;

Photosynth - Capturing Images in 3D: Photosynth is such an app, that lets you to capture the changing panoramas, it is fun to take pictures with your IOS as it also has this mode of panorama unlike for older cell phones, Photosynth has proven to be a wonderful thing to capture in 3D. It is adaptable app and is user friendly as well.

Organize Photos Using PhotoCal: Here is a new application for to arrange pictures according to the events, PhotoCal helps you organize your photographs artistically in separate folders, managing a beauty of images. It assembles the photos according to the date on which an image was taken, that is chronological arrangement of pictures can be managed easily via this app. It also helps you to remind an event that is upcoming in your calendar. So, no need to search photos in a fully loaded camera gallery.

Share Your Photos Via Instagram: Want to tag your friends in your pictures? Or if you are far away from your family, then sending photographs to them is not a problem now. As, instagram makes it leisurely for you to capture moments, edit and post it to instagram which will tag your friends who can see all your images, and delight in! Wonderful application and very easy to use.

Google Hangouts - Better Way to Share Photos: Google talk is another way of socially interacting with your friends and family. IPhone is now offered with a better voice application that is Google talk. People who are still managing to talk via instant message may find it a better application, because it can prove to be effective for daily texting. It is not like the previous unsatisfactory app of iPhone that was Google Voice. If you use iPhone, then you must have noticed that there is no particular application in your store, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy it, instead you can easily avail Google talk, and contact with your Google friends via iPhones.

Sharing Photos Via WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a helpful application in Nokia mobiles, androids, and smart phones as well as in iPhones. You can talk to whomever you want, without thinking about the charges. It’s absolutely free to talk with your friends, family, colleagues etc. without caring about where they live. WhatsApp provides you to even share pictures, videos, recordings, or audio messages with anyone entirely free of cost, it definitely sounds amazing as you can generously talk longer, in any way you want. You just need to have a Wi-Fi or an internet connection.

Installing these apps will surely make your all moments enjoyable and shareable with your family and friends. So why not you try any of these apps and enjoy communicating, gossiping and networking with friends and family!

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