Friday, February 26, 2016

Flipboard - Handy Application To Keep Your Docs In One Place!

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Do you find it difficult to search for your favorite article again and again? Then, flipboard app is the perfect app for you. Flipboard app gives you customized magazines which contains every world and tech news you like. You can make your own magazine with all your favorite articles and save it for long. Flipboard allows you to connect with other social networking websites such as, facebook, twitter, tumblr and MySpace. Flipboard app asks you to make your filpboard accounts so that you get access to the app. All magazines are shared on flipboard for free. You can select a magazine from the homepage which shows all the latest magazine of the current date. Then click on the magazine you like, suppose I want to read the times so I will click on the Times magazine. The pages will open. I will select my favorite articles and start reading it on my Smart phone. Flipboard allows me to share my articles with my friends too on social media. Flipboard gives the complete magazine style fun.

I can read magazines. I can save magazines. I can share articles to my friends. I can even see the notifications from facebook or twitter on my flipboard account. Yes it is possible. Flipboard has access to social networking websites when it asks to sign up it automatically connects to the other social networking websites. Then it gives all the notifications from facebook in beautiful magazine style. The interactions and follow ups from twitter are also mentioned in the form of news in the flipboard account.

I use flipboard every where it me with all latest news of the world. It is a very healthy habit because it is connected with all the current issues. It is faster than your daily newspaper. Flip the news, articles and photo share it with your friends read it online. It gives complete liberty after you sign up. It is completely up to you whatever you would like to do.

Flipboard is useful in the train while going for work. It could be used before dinner after you get home and sit in front of TV. Flipboard app was available for IOS operating systems. Now, it is available for Androids and window devices. The app is available in the app store for free. You can download it easily. After the install flipboard requires Wi-Fi connection, because it has to connect with the world news. The homepage shows all type of current issues like, sports, tax, politics, government and fashion news etc. flipboard allows you to connect with almost twelve social networking websites. You can see blogs, articles, cover pages, cover stories and interviews. It will save your favorite article in your own magazine. Flipboard is available in more than fifteen countries. So, it supports all the latest content of these countries along with the current issues of the world. These countries are: UK, USA, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherland, Spain, Taiwan, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, and France. It is even quicker and simple in the Jellybean and IOS 7.

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