Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Smartphones - A Great New Way to Distraction

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Smartphones are the rage these days with every second person owning at least one handset which is able to help the users perform almost every task with just a few swipes of a finger even when you are a professional dissertation writing services. No doubt, smartphone has been a great invention of this century and it has changed the way people communicated with each other and remained it touch. Not only on personal front, but also on official front, the smartphones have made it easy for people to work in harmony and stay connected even when they are sitting thousands of miles away.

But it should be also be mentioned here that while smartphones have brought people a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities, it has also opened doors of distractions for them. now people are more busy than ever but still, they have time to play a short game on their smartphone , text someone and even check out what is happening on the Facebook or twitter front, all while they are busy in their classes, homes and offices which proves how many distractions these smartphones have introduced in our lives.

However, while these smartphones have brought people close virtually, they have driven then apart socially. It has been commonly observed that if four people are sitting and eating on a dinner table, all four of them are busy on their smartphones; while they have time for their Facebook and twitter friends, they do not have time for their family members who are sitting next to them.

In the same way, students have become more distracted than even by using these smartphones for all the wrong reasons instead of making the most of them for the right causes. Most of the students are seen either chatting to their friends on their devices, forwarding or receiving videos and picture and remain engaged in activities that eventually cost them their good marks. Research says that the concentration of students has dropped several percent as they continue to use their smartphone or think about the messages they are receiving while they are not checking out their phones which is very alarming as it is only leading them to distraction and nothing else.

In most of the cases, it has been found out that students are unable to work on their assignments like dissertations and thesis just because they were unable to make time from their smartphone usage and whenever they sat to work, their phones beeped and they were unable to resist the temptation to check what message they had received.

In the same way, executives are also being distracted by their smartphones and the new applications they offer. Most of the people prefer to play games and these games are a big distraction as they are always looking for a chance to play a little bit more as compared to focusing on the tasks at hand. While there is no doubt regarding the advantages and benefits of smartphones, users need to understand how distracting their great features and can be and what they need to do in this regard.

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