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Be Aware of Latest Google Algorithms Update

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It is very important to stay tuned to latest information in any field and when it comes to latest Google update algorithm it indeed becomes obligatory. What are algorithms? Algorithms are basically the computer programs that give you an idea and clue that what do you want to do as individual. The algorithms are the processes that take up the questions and change them into answers. There are more than 200 unique signals on which Google’s algorithms rely on and give clue that helps you to get what you are exactly looking for. What we can say that these signals include many things like different terms on websites, the content whether it is old or new and the region from where website is being operated as well the page rank.

If we talk about the year 2014 it has remarkably well when we talk about the Google’s updates. Major changes we brought by Google in its famous updates like further releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird reaching to some other heights and we saw a major change and shift away from the keywords data approach.

PageRank is also an algorithm that is being used by Google search rank website in their result against the search that is being made. If you want to measure the PageRank, it is the perfect way to measure the importance of website pages. In order to measure the importance of a website it works by counting the number and quality of links and that determines the rough estimate of a website’s importance. There is another very important point and that is we can see a change each year when it comes to Google’s algorithm and it is done by Google 500 to 600 times. These changes are not considered very big but they are occasionally which is considered as the major algorithm update. We can quote the example of Google Panda and Google Penguin that affects the results in a significant manner.

It is very important for marketing agents to stay updates with such updates and know the dates when the Google update was being done? Why it is important to stay tuned to all these updates? Because it will help you to explain the changes in ranking and organic website traffic and thus you can adopt the different approaches for improving the search engine optimization. You can find all the updates information on websites as well it is not that difficult to keep an eye on such updates as internet is full of such information. There are many famous updates that Google has done up till now and it has a long history as well. It is very important for the search marketers to know about all these updates and then work accordingly to update their links as well to improve the ranking of their website.

Few of the famous updates are Google Hummingbird, Google Panda update, Google Penguin updates, Google Pigeon update, Google Payday update, Google Pirate update, Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update and Google Top Heavy update. It is said that Penguin and Panda algorithms still require the manual data pushes because otherwise it is not possible to achieve the desired results. If we talk about the Google Penguin update it was launched in April 2012 to catch the sites which spam the search results and especially those which do so by buying the links and getting them through the different network links so that Google boosting could be improved.

There are some advantages of all these updates that if you are known to them you can modify your own processes to achieve the better results. The good content strategy is also very helpful for optimization of your website. If you target your audience by content you will have to have the unique content that is being updates on regular basis. You have to get engaged on social networking sites and this will enhance your market area and moreover it is essential to have freshness which will convey a very impressive message and that is due to the fact you have fresh signs on your website which means your site is growing.

You can also increase the authority that is connected to your network and other many similar Search engine optimization approaches as per the Google’s recent updates that have designed for this purpose particularly. What changes you made in response to the Google update will determine your future ranking of your website.

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