Thursday, December 10, 2015

What’s The Story So Far for Upcoming Apple iPhone 7

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Apple iPhone 7
Should you buy the iPhone 6 or 6Plus this year or wait for the iPhone 7, this is one important question which has been running through the minds of numerous apple users as they eagerly await for the newest model by this company to make its appearance on the market.

It is important to mention here that even though iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are only a few months old, yet applied as applied for patents and this gives us an idea that the company is on its way to coming up with newer and better features in its latest model which will bring in a couple of new innovations to lights such as wireless charging along with a touchscreen that has a built in Touch ID. This article discusses some of the speculations can be used for assignment writing or press release and clues that are being associated with the upcoming apple iPhone and what is it going to be:

Apple has not confirmed anything because it is still in the processing phase of its newer model and we only that the new phone will be appearing sometime in the last phase of the year 20106. This makes it a long time to wait but this wait is nothing when it comes to holding a model which is culmination of all technology. When we talk about design, it should be mentioned here that apple is following a traditional pattern for release its phone from iPhone 7 to 7plus. It is being speculated that these models will be slimmer than their predecessors and will only be between 6mm and 6.5mm, at least 0.6 mm slimmer than the current phones by Apple.

It is also being guessed that the headphone accompanying the new models will be the Lighting ones as a parent for new and slimmer D-shaped headphone plug has been applied by the company and it might even do away with the headphone jack and instead use the Lightning port. Investigators are also of the opinion that iPhone 7 might come up with a different chassis which will be made from 7000 series aluminum and it will be a non-metal frame which is water and dust proof while there are many who have to the extent of saying that this might have liquid metal which will only be known once apple announces the new model or it comes in the market.

There are also claims that this new model will replace the home button with the Touch ID placed on the display and this will be something to look forward to as it will not only be Touch ID but also perform other functions which the home button provides which will be a great thing for people who are too busy to handle the buttons like students and professionals and even writers who are too busy writing for dissertation writing services.

Even though iPhone 6 was said to be waterproof as it did not work as well and the iPhone 7 is said to have better waterproof technology and work in a better manner. There are a lot of stories that have already made it to the consumers mind with regard to the iPhone 7 but there is a lot of waiting time before we actually see the model.



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