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Microsoft Band vs Sony SmartBand - Big Challenges

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Microsoft Band vs Sony SmartBand
To many people, the Microsoft Bank came as a surprise when it was revealed to the public. The only thing the people knew about it was it was coming from the Window Store and it came right when the Microsoft Health software appeared before this band went for sale in the market. These bands are meant to help people keep track of their fitness and also contain key smartwatch features which make these interesting and innovative devices to be user at best coursework writing service providers.

On the other hand, the Sony Smartband has also entered the market and is a wrist-worn activity tracker that not only monitors the fitness regime of the wearer but also every other aspect of their lives. Whether the users want to see how much they check out their Facebook or the number of photos they take in a day, it has it all and Sony offers its consumers a chance to record every aspect of their lives.

It is mainly due to their fitness as well as other smart features that the Microsoft Band as well as the Sony SmartBand are becoming really popular among students as well as writers who work for professional assignment and dissertation writing services and help them keep a track of their health and timetable all the time.

Both these wrist bands do not only fit into the fitness categories, but offer much more than that. These bands are not only good for people who want to keep a track of what they are doing the whole day and how they work towards achieving their health targets; they also help people stay connected when they are away from their mobile or other digital devices.

It would not be wrong to say that Microsoft Band is a kind of retail experiment as it is more of a hardware showcase for Microsoft’s Health platform rather than anything else. Microsoft has a lot of plans for its users in the health and fitness platform and this is the first of its kind devices in the market by the company. It is only 3/4″ wide and comes with a thick rubber band which covers the wrist which is stiff and contains a couple of batteries which operate the band. With a small screen of about 1.4 inches and 320 x 106 pixel resolution, it is a small thing to carry for fitness freaks.

Sony SmartBand has many features that make it a big challenge for Microsoft to beat it. It can vibrate to wake the user up at the least-jarring part of sleep cycle, and it also vibrates to notify of new emails, calls, tweets, likes, and texts. Along with this, this Sony SmartBand also offers accurate fitness data than a phone’s sensors can. It also has a button on the side to quickly add a “bookmark” any event or moment the users want to remember. With a variety of colors and its smart shape as well as number other features to set them apart, Microsoft Band and Sony SmartBand give each other a big challenge and it is up to the users to choose one which is the best.

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