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Important Things to Consider for Buying a Smartphone

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When smartphones were not prevalent in the society, it was pretty tough to connect with people until you were in a place where you have internet connection and computer. But now you can easily stay on top of things because of smartphones. There several companies that make smartphones and offer attractive deals on them. The challenge is to choose the one that best suits your need and budget. Here are some tips to consider when buying a smartphone.

Exterior Quality: When you are thinking of investing in a smartphone for daily use like writing assignments, i.e. at work as well as at home, then you must go for good quality even if it costs a bit more. If you are buying it for domestic use only, then many features can be overlooked if you are getting a decent phone at fewer prices.

When it comes to quality, you should look for the construction of its body. Some smartphones’ body is made of plastic which makes it less durable whereas the ones that have metal exterior are definitely of high durability and quality. Plastic phones are less expensive than metal ones. So if you are buying it for work and home use then you should go for the metal body. Screen size is also a very important feature to consider when buying a smartphone. A 5.5-inch screen is noticeably better than a 4 inch. But again it depends on the purpose of your purchase.

Functionality: Next comes the functionality of the smartphones and Operating System is the first thing that comes to mind in this category. It is an important feature which significantly affects the performance of the phone. Therefore, when buying a smartphone make sure you look for a good operating system that is user friendly.

Apple smartphone has its own operating system called iOS which is very good in performance but it is made just for Apple’s products. Google’s operating system is called Android and is considered as one of the best OS these days. There are many reputable companies that are making smartphones with Android OS, such as, Samsung, Google Nexus 5, LG Optimus G Pro, etc. Microsoft Windows OS is also gaining some popularity in the consumer market because of its user friendly characteristics.

Applications: Another important aspect in phones is the number of apps you can get on it. For example, Apple’s app store offers around 300,000 apps that users can choose from. Android has somewhere around 250,000 apps to choose from. The more apps a company offers the more choices users have. You can see if this feature is important for you to consider.

Memory: All basic smartphones come with a built-in memory of 16GB. Some have an option to upgrade the memory by buying extra storage as the phones have separate slots for this purpose. But, some phones, like Apple don’t have separate compartment for extra memory cards. You need to decide upfront how much memory is good enough for you if going for Apple phones. The latest Apple iPhones come in three different memory packages of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Camera Picture Quality: This feature is totally based upon its usage and requirement. If you are a shutterfly, then the MP and ppi will matter a lot. Otherwise mostly all good quality smartphones come with an 8MP camera at a reasonably good ppi for resolution.

Wireless Connectivity: Some people are also very keen on 3G or 4G wireless connectivity option. You can compare and see which one best suits your need. These are the basic features to consider when you are buying a smartphone. Do your research properly and prioritize which functions are most important for you to have.

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