Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Office 365 - A Word Processing App for iOS Operating Systems

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Android and IOS operating devices always had an office suite app. This app is capable of reading all Microsoft office documents whether they are Excel spreadsheet, word, PowerPoint or Front. Microsoft office suite can open the office file but does not allow changes or editing of the file. It can simply save the file and allows reading it and along with this one can transfer the file from one device to another with the help of a data cable.

In IPhone 5, Microsoft has introduced a new office app by the name of “The Office 365”. This app is suitable to open the file, read the file and now, it allows editing the file and making any office file. Microsoft office app contains power point, Excel spreadsheets, word and access. The main objective of Microsoft in this new app is to give a different experience to the user. The user can now feel really comfortable in using the Office app in its IPhone. IPhone 5 is giving a whole new experience to the user. This app is very suitable for the businessmen, accountants, students, business students and many other professions.

Microsoft wrote in one of their blogs that this app is quite similar to the office setup they provided for windows phone. For Ipads, Microsoft has some other ideas; they say if an ipad user wants to use the office app they can use the office web app on the ipad tablet. It is specially designed for tablets. It will be the great experience for the ipad users. Microsoft claims to give the good quality office services to the user. The new password facility in the IOS operating system will give the security and complete privacy to the user. All files and documents will be protected with the password.

While operating the Office 365 the home page will ask the user which office format he or she wants to use. Suppose, the user wants to use word file then, the new word page will appear on the device, though it is difficult to use word or any other MS office format on phone. Still, this new app is very user friendly; it will take some time to understand, after some time user will use easily. As a business student I am very contented and satisfied with Office 365 app. I can write cross-check and edit my assignment and presentations right before the submission. This helps me in re-writing the flaws or eliminating the errors from my presentation. By this last minute correction I feel really confident and now I score well in my projects. This is because of the new Office 365 app.

Microsoft has also announced that this app will soon be available for the Android Smart phones. Hopefully in 2014 Android users will use the Office 365 app. The Office 365 is present in the app store. It is free to install. The processor will save all Office Files in the internal storage. It is no doubt different yet quite fascinating experience of Ms Office.

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