Friday, November 27, 2015

Special Education Apps for Students with Special Needs

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Special students need special help; it does not mean that they are not capable enough to do things and learn but it simply means that they some extraordinary and some different ways to get education and it is up to the teachers to recognize and understand their potential and help them the right way keeping in mind their capabilities and skills.

No matter in which part of the world we go and see, there are students with special needs everywhere seeking cheap dissertation writing service and these special students need some great educational apps which can aid them in the learning process and make things easy and simply for them. It is up to their parents as well as teachers to select the right apps which help them choose the best apps so that they do not face any problems in working on their academic courses.

The best thing about these special education apps is that they are not only great to be used in classrooms where special students are taught but these apps can be used by students at home if they have parents and siblings who can assist them. These apps are one of the greatest achievements in the field of technology for students with special academic needs.

This article discusses in brief some of the best special education apps for students with special needs that help them focus on their studies and understand what they are being taught so that they can complete their courses on time and secure a better future for themselves.

AbaPlanet: Produced by Planeta Imaginario, this is one app which has been designed for students who suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder to practice receptive language skills. This app was designed using Applied Behavior Analysis methods which make it easy for the students to understand and develop language skills. Early activities include selecting objects based on what the students hears and advances to matching pictures and words with progress of the levels.

Talk for Me: This is one app which was developed by speech pathologists and therapists to be used by people who have language delay problems. The app uses pictures and phrases to help the students communicate with others and make them understand what they want to say. Customization categories and language can be added to the app for easy and better usage. As apparent by its name, this app includes voice recording features which is very good for teachers and parents so that they can record special words or sayings for the students to hear and practice.

Clicker Docs: This is an adaptive word processing app which has been designed for usage for students suffering from dyslexia and dysgraphia. It provides word banks on many topics that are available as the student is writing and aids them in their studies. After the students are done writing, this app reads back what they have written in a clear voice so that it helps them revise and edit their work on their own.


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