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Windows Phone 8 - A Great Help To Business Sector

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Business Windows Phone 8
Windows phone 8 is an amazing operating system designed by Microsoft for touch screen smart phones. It is mainly used by businessmen; it is something worth to have. Let’s have a look at its exclusive features!

Adobe Reader:
Many times, when you open up a document which has PDF format, it does not opens in your cell phones, because you do not have Adobe reader, but now you can enjoy the application of Adobe Reader in windows phone 8, which will expose the files of PDF easily by just a single press. The PDF files can be copied as well as pasted, you can zoom in the view and if the files are protected by passwords, then no worries because this application can open them. This is great thing for students, as well as professional people.

There is a ‘bookmark’ option in Adobe Reader, which is wonderful to have. One can bookmark a section which is important in the PDF file, and then whenever he/she opens up the file, they do not have to spend time in scrolling, and will be pleased to get to the target easily without delay.

Writing E-mails is a Problem For You?
Previously letters were used to convey messages, then e-mails took their place quite remarkably, and now e-mails are further being enhanced a lot in mobile phones. WP8 allows you to just speak the message you want to be typed in the e-mail, hit the mic in your windows phone and utter, then straight away send it to the destined person. This is how emails can be sent by voice.

Windows phone 8 has made the lives of professionals pretty fast, and much easier, as this device provides a simple and wonderful access to Office 365, Lync, SharePoint, Outlook and Exchange. The similar thing is tried on PCs, other smart phones and tablets. With Office Hub, you can now have Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel on your WP8, which is redesigned to accommodate the important data, info and projects. These files can also be emailed or transferred to the other person.It also allows people to take notes in a meeting, or during any discussion that is important to them. They can also take notes by their voice, and then later on searching of notes can be done without any problem. You just need to have OneNote application in your windows phone, which makes your notes convenient.

The Microsoft Office is a beneficial application to have, because most of the work is done on Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Therefore, Windows phone 8 provides you a bigger screen for Word that is clearer means of reading, along with that you can continue your work from where you ended. There are new thumbnails in PowerPoint and different outlook of notes. Microsoft Excel gives an easier navigation along with chart provision.

Further, there are new apps to help your business such as, company accounts, mobile device management, and private application distribution, and so on.

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