Monday, August 24, 2015

Tips to Save Time Using an IPhone

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Technology means making, modifying and knowledge of techniques, tools and machines. Basically in other words it is a kind of knowledge which is used to provide convenience to another by performing and inventing new techniques for the expediency of mankind. Now the question arises whether we are improving technology for betterment or is it making our lives complicated. But whatever it is, our day starts and ends with our lives online. I will be giving you some tips that can save time in case you guys are IPhone users.

Some people do not lock their screens in order to save time and hassle of entering password again and again. Smart phones should be locked to keep data safe .Here are few tips that can help you save time without unlocking your screen every time you want to access an application.

  • If you want to open your music player to select music or simply play the record you like or pause it, or adjust the volume, you do not have to enter your password. All you have to do is simply click home two times. In this way you can avoid un-locking the screen and go to music player directly.
  • Want to capture an image? You can turn on the camera without unlocking screen. Select the camera icon in the right corner. You can access camera now. Take pictures; make videos all without wasting time on entering codes for unlocking screens.
  • In case you want to adjust to volume of incoming call or phone ringer, it can be done through the volume button which is provided for headphones.
  • Another way you can save time is while visiting a web page that you often browse; you can bookmark it and add to home screen. This will help you to directly open your desired link rather than going through all the process again and again.
  • You can resize the contents of that specific web page. Viewing the page in landscape mode also helps a lot.
  • Do you want to create playlist for listening music? IPhone provides you playlist with four categories by which you can create your playlist. Use them to save time.
  • Arrange your apps on the screen in different categories. This will make it easier for you to look for an application, game or an e-book.
  • You can avail the features in Apple apps store by going through their details and descriptions. Then you will have option for the best application to download which you want to use.
  • In IPhone 5, you can take a picture while recording a video. This saves you time of waiting for camera to get free and then you can capture an image.
  • If anytime you do not like attending calls but for exception of few, IPhone provides a simple solution for this problem. The “Do Not Disturb” option only lets through the calls you want to attend while for others you do not have to worry anymore.
  • When the time comes to texting, iPhone has provided many shortcuts to its users which definitely made typing a text message easier and less time consuming.

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