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How to Determine the Best Parental Monitoring Software

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Best Parental Monitoring Software
Parental monitoring application is the twenty-first century tool to effectively monitor your kid at all times. When it gets tough for you to manage your hectic work schedule along with your kids, you should go for something that can keep you posted on your kids so that you don’t have to buy their likely stories. If you are a kind of a person that would settle for nothing less than perfect, why compromise on your family? Get the best parental monitoring software to monitor your kids. This article will tell you how to do just that.

Simply, install a parental monitoring application on the smartphones of your kids. Once you’re done with that, your life will become easier. Welcome to the world where you can keep a follow-up on your child anytime, anywhere and your child can’t hide anything from you. What else a parent would want?

Parental control software comes up with a variety of features. Don’t be fooled by all the features they brag about on their websites. Most of the applications don’t even fall true to half of what they claim. So you really need to be cautious while picking up the mobile monitoring software.

Android Spyings have a good reputation in the market; they are highly responsive, bug-free and literally discreet enough to meet your monitoring needs. You will get the following features in these mobile monitoring applications… guaranteed.

Monitoring Features:
These apps let you monitor all the data stored on the phone. You can keep an eye on your kid by scrutinizing his/her cell phone contents. SMS, e-mails and call records will help you to know what is going on in your kid’s life. As soon as you install the software on your kid’s smartphone, the application will instantly start recording phone activities. You can also listen to the call recordings and so you can listen to every conversation between your kid and the contact.

As you can also locate the name, number and duration of each call, you can approach the person of you sense something going wrong. Phone surroundings feature is one step beyond. It will record everything within 15 ft. radius and so you can listen to anything. This will give you a clear picture as to what company your kid has and his socializing patterns. You are notified as soon as your kid accepts any file sharing from any external source. So even if your kid deletes it later, you will still be notified. Viewing all the multimedia files can let you better judge your kid and his/her activities lately.

You can also view the internet browsing history. This is very important as there are all sorts of obscene, violent and unauthentic information on the web that can contaminate your kid’s immature minds. This also helps you to confirm if your kids spend too much time on social networking sites and can control it resultant. In a nut shell you can:
  • Read all incoming and outgoing SMS and e-mails.
  • Navigate contact numbers and call details
  • Listen to call recordings and phone surroundings
  • View all multimedia files, calendar entries and appointments
  • View browser history on phone’s default web browser

Tracking Features:
Now, you can keep track of all whereabouts of your kids in a jiff. Ever happened that you call your child to ask where s/he is and you have this hunch that your kid is not being honest. You can simply sign in on your online account and trace your kid on the map. GPS tracking will tell you the exact spot. It will also let you view all the places your child went. This can help you to protect your kid if s/he falls in any trouble. So basically, StealthGenie lets you:
  • Trace your kid on the map using GPS
  • View location history of your kid.
Other Features:
  • You can set alerts for a trigger word or a phrase
  • Set alerts for a trigger contact or e-mail address
  • Receive alerts via SMS or e-mail whenever a trigger word or contact has been used
  • Receive alerts on SIM card change

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