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How Does Cell Phone Tracking Works?

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Nowadays, with advancement in technology everyday and every minute Smartphone with enhanced features are introduced in the market. People mostly being technology lovers purchase latest and expensive most products. Having expensive phones attract mobile thieves attention. Mobiles get stolen and then we do not have any way left except to block out cell from the market. In order to save our mobiles cell phone trackers have been introduced.

Kinds of Cell Phone Trackers:
There are kinds of trackers available that are being utilized by different companies and people.

Network Based:
This kind of tracker works through network. It catches signal from nearest signal tower and allows to locate the mobile. In this case help of service provider is utilized to access information

SIM Based:
Due to growing theft problem in world cell phone companies have started designing mobiles keeping this issue in minds. The SIM based tracker usually comes in some cell phones. In case the phone has been stolen, the owner of the cell phone will be able to track his cell phone the minute it is turned on.

Internet Based:
Cell phone can be located through this kind of tracker. This technology works best when Wi-Fi has strong signals. GPS is used in this. Although this is being used in many regions but its major drawback is that due to non availability of signals at some places GPS does not gives exact location of the phone.

How Does Spy Works:
Cell phone spy are usually installed in respective Phone to monitor activity. This is the most common most used software.

This software is installed in the libraries of the system; in case of android its kernel. The spy is a kind of a virus that does not appears in the applications but works continuously behind screen. It is usually used to monitor other person’s activities.

Advantages of Cell Phone Trackers:
  • Parents can monitor their child’s activities. They can keep track on him/her.
  • Cell phone can be located in case it has been misplaced or stolen.
  • If someone wants to know the location of their loved ones, with this software installed on their phones, they can find out the exact location of their loved one.
  • Authorities use these to track criminals.
  • When in other person’s knowledge this can also work as sharing information.

Disadvantages of Cell Phone Trackers:
  • Some people tend to misuse and abuse this tech.
  • The major disadvantage of installing trackers in cell phones is invasion of other person’s privacy.

Cell phone tracking is interesting software if installed on our own cell phones, can help us with keeping our mobiles safe from theft. But, if installed on other person’s cell phone without his or her consent is morally and ethically wrong. One should suggest others too to install such software in their own cell phones too. In many countries authorities use tracking systems to locate people who are or may be involved in crimes of any sort.

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