Thursday, August 20, 2015

Google postpones debut project Ara

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Ara debut of the project still has to wait, at least until 2016.
His team behind the project has announced through a post on Twitter that prompted plans for testing in Puerto Rico this year. It 'also clear that Google is looking for new locations for early Keij innovative project.
The field project allows users to build a smartphone that meets their needs.
They are users who can choose every component they want and afford the Smartphones connect to the central modular.

In this way there will be the need to modify the device, but only change its components, ranging from the processor, camera, batteries, etc.

Basically Field project represents a new generation of smartfonave Mobile. All 'became lovers' after this smartoni time Google made its first debut on stage in May. Currently Google has said that 20-30 modules for this project, but this number is expected to grow further.

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