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10 More Cool Tools for Getting Assignment Solutions

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There are a number of cool tools for getting assignment solutions. It is important for the students to make sure that they use these great tools the right way and enjoy success in their efforts. These cool tools assist students in completing their assignments the right way and enjoy studying. Here are some cool tools that are great and help them get the best assignment solutions:

Core Score:
This is the best app for students who are getting ready for Common Core Math. Core Score has been designed for Windows and offers 5-question math practice sets covering curriculum in grades 3-8, alongside detailed answer keys for students and separate tools that enable the teachers to review student and class performance.

Class Tech Tips:
Education consultant and former teacher Monica Burns offers daily posts on her experiences and recommendations for resources, ranging from Flickr to Scholastic News to tips on QR codes.

Grovo aims to help the students develop skills and figure out how to take advantage of what the internet has to offer. With 60-second videos on popular tools such as Google drive and how to do "online research" using the likes of TweetDeck, Grovo helps students and their teachers really well in their educational goals.

It helps the teachers track their progress as Edulastic lets the students tailor assessments in their classroom, creating own questions or drawing from thousands of standards-aligned options created by other teachers. Reports help the teachers identify struggling students so that they can offer them personalized extra help with in-class assignments crafted from Edulastic’s questions.

It gives confused students a chance to voice opinions and ask questions without feeling embarrassed. Soapbox is a web-based clicker tool with several features designed to engage students and measure comprehension, including crowd sourcing Q&A and a “confusion barometer” as well as more traditional tools like polls and quizzes.

Newspaper Map:
It shows the students how globalized our world has become and they can check out Newspaper Map, which uses Google Translate to show publications from all over the world in your chosen language.

Teachers With Apps:
It has been specially formulated by special education teacher Jayne Clare and early childhood educator Anne Rachel and site offers hundreds of apps, addressing areas from estimation to gardening. All are field-tested by students and teachers for best results.

Brain Rush:
It is the best app which offers a lot of options for every level and students from World War II to Water Cycle. The games are reactive and adaptive and help students stay challenged and engaged, and prompt students to review concepts after play.

It is the best app that helps the students and teachers communicate in BYOD classroom. The software enables teachers to create and upload lesson plans, share them with students across devices and evaluate their responses. It helps them save previous time and efforts.

It offers interactive timeline creation tools such as audio, video, and quizzes that are relevant in any class. The material from the HSTRY team helps students and teachers to create their own timelines or use the site as a jump off point for assignments.

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