Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Linkedin spent 1.5 billion dollars for the purchase Lynda.com why?

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Linkedin has just strengthened its position last week with the purchase of most of the social network
implemented that is in itself the purchase of the four largest in the history of social media. Buy in figures Lynda.com $ 1.5 billion of the social network Linkedin katapulton in educational technology market. This new movement will generate more revenue for 347 million social network users. But even that will create more opportunities for the deal through Linkedin educational platform Lynda.com has with companies, governments and schools around the world. The key to success lies in the integration strategy Lynda course more important than the purchase itself is not the future of this acquisition on Linkedin. Now the success is to promote and integrate the Lynda.com catalog that owns nearly 3,500 online courses. This will be a critical point because most of the best integration will be the experience of service users. But how will this integration? Perhaps social network LinkedIn will add to the profiles of the members of all the certifications that have gained from successfully meet Lynda courses. LinkedIn can also view the status of the members of each of its courses, providing details of specific skills of the members. All this will help members of the social network in which their primary objective remains the promotion vetvehtes and skills. The most interesting aspect of this agreement is the fact that LinkedIn could atriboj√ę kursve these potential career opportunities for members of the social network. This investment promises a bright future for Linkedin This purchase is worth $ 1.5 billion is a lot more than $ 1 billion acquisition of Instagram by Facebook and $ 1.1 billion paid by Yahoo for Tumblr. Three purchases exceed that of Linkedin and are: the acquisition of YouTube by Google for 1.65 billion dollars, the purchase of Oculus from Facebook to purchase $ 2 billion of WhatsApp and Facebook for 19 billion dollars. Lynca.com integrating courses in the social network platform, LinkedIn can increase the number of visits and time spent on the network. Even recruiters possible to target specific members with specific skills and training.


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Yeah I can agree that Linkedin is now one of the most popular social networks. Though I don't use it I have a lot of friends that do and really like it.



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