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Development of social network Facebook over the years

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Facebook F8 conference, when Marc Zuckerberg said that Messenger will be converted into an open
platform for developers, it seems, to bring us back in time to 2007 when the same thing happened with Facebook. In 2007, Facebook was very different from what it is today. Users can invite friends to play together largely through this platform, thus building a network of communication and entertainment.

It was the first time that a large company, opened its API to offer a new way of distribution and as friendly matches. For those who were part of Facebook in its early moments, the process of creating something Facebook has been very interesting. But we can say that things at that time were not like today. Facebook now 'more pjekur'dhe more attention to users and developers of a good springboard into the world of applications and innovations in the field of technology.
In the early days it was stated that the system was too open. The developers were able to create applications that use data users and providing them with inadequate experience really shallow of their friends. But over time Facebook correct these problems and took control in hand. While many invitations to friends to play were a form of entertainment, for Facebook was a way to see more content on the main page. While today with the arrival of Facebook Messenger platform goal is not that. Developers are building better products and experiences that are tailored directly to their e-mail.

When Facebook has matured a lot since it was launched, the same thing happened and the way developers build applications. The integration of the platform with Parse Messenger, Facebook Connect makes it a complete structure consists of creative applications. In the latest report data, Zuckerberg has reported 600 million users, a figure that runs the Messenger in a serious solution in terms of communication and distribution, something that Facebook was in 2007.In recent years, developers have tried to offer users a more intimate experience. While Facebook is trying to create greater integration in relation with developers and developers are seeing as a more promising opportunities. Launch of Messenger in a more controlled and focused is just the beginning. Certainly the launch of Facebook Platform made more headlines in 2007 compared launch Messenger platform today, but since today the development is in a higher phase then, the impact of the Messenger platform must be wider..

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