Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Application For Cricket Fans And Discovering Locations In Nokia Mobiles

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Nokia mobiles are not seizing much attention when people are truly impressed by Androids and iPhones. Yet, here we will discuss about some amazing apps in OVI store for Nokia phones, which will definitely attract you to get started on them. The operating system in Nokia mobiles is Symbian and the latest type is S60. People are using this system and according to a survey, it was discovered that Symbian ranks at fourth position among Androids, IOS and Windows phone.

If you are a fan of cricket, and want to have the updates for every upcoming match, or any particular match, then ‘cricket Companion’ is the best application to go for. This is absolutely free to use, and gives the amazing pleasure of cricket stuff and a person who likes cricket, won’t mind having every latest news related to it. Acquire information regarding anything that relates to cricket, and enjoy being a supporter of it. Following are the advantages to use ‘cricket Companion’:
·         It provides you an easy platform to have great cricket information
·         Shows Ball to ball reporting, that means detailed coverage
·         Statistics, info, graphs, and many other forms of analysis are displayed on it
·         Commentary for each match can be enjoyed
·         Gives immense pleasure to read interesting stuff about your favorite players and how is their graph going in the field of cricket
·         Highlights can be read of every match
·         For getting yourself updated, you can set notifications which can inform you at the fours and sixes. 

Ovi maps and Google maps – finding any location is not a problem now!
No more trouble in discovering locations, anywhere in the world. You have Ovi maps there to help you everywhere. You just need to download this application from the Ovi store and all the maps will be installed in your Nokia phone. If you are lost somewhere, and could not figure out that exactly where you are, then do not need to worry about it when you have Ovi maps with you. Just search for the location, via GPS in Nokia mobiles and get your location. The only drawback for using these Ovi maps is that one has to wait for quite a long time because gaining the satellite signals may take time and display the position. This app comes with other features as well, such as you can get updated of the weather changes, traffic at a particular place, etc. if you want to have a voice map reading, then you can adore having It with Ovi maps.

Apart from Ovi maps, you can have Google maps in your Nokia mobiles, which has no extra feature in Google maps except showing location, no voice navigations can be heard, but the maps will be quickly downloaded consuming less time than Ovi maps, and every time you find location in Google maps, it will always download them again.

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