Thursday, December 4, 2014

First Drive Audi A9 Concept, Specs & Top Speed

Created by Audi’s new Head of Design Marc Lichte, this is the most radical machine that Audi has released in memory. The name Prologue was chosen as this large luxury model has been created to make a new design start for the German brand. Audi has long been chided for its boring and iterative visual updates, so the Prologue Concept is going to pave a way forward for more interesting and dynamic designs across the range.
With a shape that is leaner, crisper and more dramatic than anything else Audi has in its lineup, the Prologue concept is stunning to look at. I am not sure I would call it pretty in a traditional sense, but is certainly new and different, which is what Audi really needs. With a size similar to the big A8, this Audi has lots of room of subtle touches and changes, and Audi says there are plenty.
But what we saw in earlier internet concept of audi A9 is not even closet to that model.

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