Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Intel Alpine Ridge ThunderBolt reaches 50 Gbps

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The presentation that Intel held yesterday, showed that the company is working on an internal principle of development of new plug ThundrBolt.

The performance of the connector continues improving, and the last revision comes under the label Alpine Ridge. In one of the slides in the presentation of Intel will be able to read that Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt is capable of reaching speeds of 50 Gbps. 

This theoretically means if you have a fast enough SSD, you can do a data transfer from a whopping 5 GB for just a second. Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt will appear in 2015, and connector will experience some changes with the arrival of the new version. 

It will be thinner and shorter, and enables charging equipment to 100W. It remains to be seen whether this connector will massively adopted as its current price is too high.

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