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Creating Your Content With Your New Keyword Phrases

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  Once you have the appropriate keywords to best describe your product or service and are words that people are actually using, you now need to create or modify your content to reflect these keywords.

Let's step back for a second and think about Google and the other search engines. How do they actually know what your website is about? No more and no less than by the "words" on the page. The search engines are not humans; they cannot infer and deduce what your website when they crawl your website. Thus the search engines know what your website is about by the words you use in your content. Of course the search engines have some intelligence and you can't get by with keyword stuffing, but in very basic terms, this is how the search engines know what your website is about.

For example, imagine a very basic website that contained 5 words/phrase and 1 image. Imagine those 5 words/phrases were:
·         Cheap Surfboard
·         Fast Ferrari
·         Ferrari crash
·         Yummy Oranges
·         Large Dogs
And the image had an image name of "image1.jpg" and a blank alt text.

What do you think the search engines would deduce that this website is about? Maybe and just maybe Ferraris...but that is not certain.

Now take this example:
·         Red Ferrari
·         Ferraris in Miami
·         Ferrari Top Speed
·         Cost of Ferrari
·         Used Ferrari
·         And had in image name of "red-ferrari.jpg" with alt text of "red ferrari"

Can you see the difference? Obviously you can, and so can the search engines. They know this website is exactly about Ferraris which they will subsequently rank much higher.

The point is to illustrate what you want to do with your chosen keywords. Ideally you want each page to focus on just one keyword phrase. The places you would use these keywords to build a clear and concise website include:
·         HTML Title Tag Optimization
·         HTML Meta Tag Optimization
·         HTML H1 Tag Optimization
·         HTML Body Content Optimization
·         HTML Image Alt Tag Optimization
·         Navigation Menu Optimization

From here you want to take your keywords and start filling out these sections with readable keyword focused content.

Professional Insight: Don't simply list your keywords - but make them look good too
For example, in the Title Tag what looks better?
"Modern dining room tables - Glass dining room tables - black tables"
"Dining Room Tables - Large Selection of Modern, Black & Glass tables - Miami, Florida"

Additionally, here's another powerful bonus tip I'll share with you. Figure out what sets your company or product apart from the rest. Then let people know what it is right in the title tag! You'll be pre-selling your product before they even click on your link, and because you've let them know WHY they should click on your link, they are more likely to click it. This results in more traffic for you!

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