Sunday, March 23, 2014

Microsoft for XP users will have discounts of $ 100 to switch to Windows 8

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Microsoft will motivate users of XP at a discount of $ 100 to switch to Windows 8

A few weeks ago Microsoft released the program for vouchers worth $ 50 for users of the Windows XP operating system, wanting to move to Windows 8.1, a company now dazzling users with a new offer.

In order to convince users to switch to their latest system operating - Windows 8, Microsoft now provides a discount of only $ 100, the operating system is more expensive than $ 600. 

However, this offer is valid only when consumers are deciding to upgrade the old operating system. This is another in a series of efforts by Microsoft to motivate users to change the 13-year-old operating system that still is in many computers. 

According to data recently released StatCounter, Windows XP is 18.8 percent of the world's computers, while Windows 7 is still seen s 54.8 percent.

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