Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PHEME, lie detector for social networks

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A lie detector for social network has been created in an attempt to verify the rumors on the internet.

The new feature will identify whether the accounts in social networks are not created just for the dissemination of false information. 

The purpose of this service is to help organizations, governments and emergency services to respond effectively to events blackberries. 

The project was initiated by a search based on the use of social media during the riots in London in 2011. 

The data were analyzed will include messages on Twitter, the comments on the forums of health care and public comments on Facebook. 

Service categorize information resources to assess their authority. Topics on this service, including news, journalists, experts, witnesses and "bots" general public - This account is automatically generated social networks pastime. 

The project, ITS which takes its name from Greek mythology - PHEM - known to spread rumors, will last three years. At its creation are five universities.

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