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Repix App For Android - Be Creative

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Repix App

Repix is a remarkable app. Repix is a photo editing app. It is not like Photoshop instead it is a fun app. Repix is available on the Google play of IOS operating system and Android devices too. It can be downloaded for free. Repix is an amazing app designed to make you an artist. It gives all essential tools to turn your ordinary picture to extraordinary piece of art. It is modern app with modern features.

Repix allows you to share your pictures on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr accounts. It is a very easy app. It gives remarkable features. The most interesting part is that you will use your fingers to paint on your picture. It gives you lots of colors; you will mix them, blend them and make anything you like on your photo. Repix allows you to crop, zoom in, zoom out and erasing. It gives you the facility to erase any false move.

How to use Repix?
Download Repix from the play store, it is available for free. Then click the Repix icon. It will process with the internet connection so, your Wi-Fi connection should be on. After this you will see few options on the top Dots, images, video, tweets and chat. You will click on the image icon. Now, you can select any picture from your gallery on take one at the moment. Repix will give you options to paint your photo. You can draw huge eyebrows on your boyfriend’s picture or you can give broad red lips to your sister. You can also make fancy hair bun on your photo. You can also draw different effects on natural pictures.  Repix allows you to pick a photo from your gallery or from your Facebook account.

Repix also works as a social networking app. You can read all tweets from different people about Repix. You can see lots of pictures uploaded by others edited by Repix. Repix have a chat icon, in which you can communicate with other people who uses Repix. They can guide you in different aspects though Repix does not need any guidance or help. A layman can use it easily.

You can do lots of funny and memorable things by Repix. You can design any greeting card by using any picture and turning into a artistic piece. Repix gives extra touch to your picture. You can add shines, stars and sparkle to your photo. Repix has a new feature called the spotlight. It will change the light effects by the touch. You can spot anything or any person with this feature. You can also adjust the frame size.

Repix has offered remarkable tools. This enables you to enhance your creativity. It will make you a true artist of modern age. The new updated version of Repix is very quick. You can make a portrait in less than ten minutes. Repix connects you with people. Your photos will speak more than your words. It will make you happy in many ways, and you will be popular among your friends.

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