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Next Browser - A New Social Media Experience

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Next Browser Review

Next Browser is a web browser and helps you to connect with the social media. When you want to read news, blogs, and sharing the latest happenings on social net working website Next Browser is there to help. No need to download all other web surfing apps simply downloads Next Browser from the Google play of Android. Go Launcher Dev has released Next browser for the Android smart phones and tablets. It is available in the app store absolutely free. The browser is clean and fast it might be an addiction to the user.

Outstanding net surfing experience:

Next Browser has a customizable interface beautifully designed to give a new experience to the user. You can enjoy sharing all the current happenings on social networking websites with the help of Next browser very easily. The tab browsing is really fast and rapid. You can shift from one tab to other by a simple swipe. You can search anything you want. Search for latest songs, movies, recipes, diet plane, fashion week updates or any latest news or blog. Search is really fast and rapid that you will not think of any other web browser after Next Browser it has everything you desire to have in a web browser. The most amazing thing is that it connects you with the social networking websites. It also notifies the latest updates from your accounts of Facebook, Twitter or flicker etc.

The latest version of Next Browser:

The makers of Next Browser has launched the latest version of Next browser it has more services and it is more fun to use. The 1.06 version offers a save link from which you can save any news, articles, webpage or anything you like in your phone. Secondly, it has a notification bar; this bar will notify you the updates from your social networking websites. No need to open each account to check the notifications, now, Next Browser is here to give you complete ease. Next Browser will now support “Greek” language in the latest version. You can also import the bookmarks from Chrome in Next Browser.  You have complete liberty to add subscription in the customer RSS feed. The makers have fixed some crashes and problems to make it more fun and rapid. The version also has the night mode extension with an improved speed dial. The tabs will quickly slide and by long touch all slides will close easily.


You can add various plug-INS to Next Browser such as evernote, pixable, flicker, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, instagram and many more. in this way you can enjoy the social media without any sort of limitations or problems. It is released recently but till date it has more than a million download. Next browser is the ultimate web surfer for the user. The voice recognition is a service provided by Next browser only. It is great and many users are contented with the voice recognition quality. You should install Next Browser immediately on your Androids.

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