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Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 11 Inch - Review

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Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga 11 Inch

After the extraordinary hybrid devices of Apple and Sony, Lenovo has also launched the next generation hybrid laptop. It is very sleek, portable and has the display screen of 11 inches. It is portable laptop with the twisting quality. It means that the flip turn around to 360 degrees. The keyboard goes at the back at it becomes a tablet. It has a multi touch display. It has an Intel core processer of 1.5 GHz. The internal memory is 8 GB of Lenovo Hybrid 11 S. It has windows 8 64-bit edition. Lenovo 11s has the display resolution of 1366*768 pixels. Lenovo 11 inch has very impressive outlook. The touch display gives the user a whole new experience.

There are many blogs and articles about the new Lenovo idea pad yoga 11S. The apple and Sony edition has already raised the bars but Lenovo has its own strengths. The new laptop has Core i5 CPU. Though it is not like Apple and Sony devices. Lenovo has tried hard for the recognition.
The new tablet cum laptop is very handy and compatible. The easy flip flop design is very convenient. Though the battery button is somewhere at the side. It has Intel core i5 and windows 8 updates. The more efficient battery time make it closer to ultra book. The light weight device has a smooth market to catch. Many users are using Lenovo devices. They know all the pros and cons of Lenovo so they are more excited for the latest device.

The display is simply awesome. The high resolution and visuals are outstanding. The multi touch feels like you are touching the clouds. It is very smooth and easy to handle. It has two small speakers on both sides. They are loud enough to hear in silence otherwise you have to connect headphone to hear clearly. The speakers are good in a room not in a public place. It has a 720 pixel webcam. This cam allows video chatting with a good resolution. You will not look like a monster in dim lights while using Lenovo idea pad webcam. It also has USB ports and a memory card reader. Lenovo has good reputation regarding battery life. Likewise in this device Lenovo gives the battery of 5 hours and more. The battery is consumed mainly due to apps and Wi-Fi. So, by using apps and Wi-Fi at the time you need it will make it more efficient.

Lenovo idea pad Yoga 11 inch tablet is the latest launch of Lenovo. It is designed for the business purposes because it requires a keyboard for making documents and presentations most of the time. Along with the business related people many other tablet lovers can also use it. Because the keyboard revolves at 360 degrees and it will act as the back support for Lenovo 11 inch yoga slim. This flipping makes it a complete tablet. It has updated windows 8 version. It also has licensed Microsoft office. Lenovo idea pad yoga 11 inch is a next generation device.

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