Sunday, December 29, 2013

Apple featured two new features

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Apple featured two new features on their phones this week: one is that is you can control the screen without touching it just by moving your hand. Alot of phones have this feauture just like the Galaxy Note2.
The opition is that you can with download an app, for you not to touch the screen,but just with your hand movements. You can even do it from faraway and it will work and open up any app or your phone.
It seems like if you were really touching it with your own fingers.
Maybe it is a little complicated because your going to want to touch the screen because thats what your use to doing.
The verzion of this is that you can have a sencer that the Smartphones, if you hold your finger by a specific place.
The phone can see your finger faraway it can read your information.
The Second feauture is the phone can tell who the person is just by the way their heart beats.


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