Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nokia Lumia 925 - A Review

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Nokia has released the “third Flagship” Nokia Lumia 925 after Nokia Lumia 920.The new things are always better then old ones. Nokia Lumia 925 is better than Lumia 920 is some ways. Nokia has introduced a metal band for the first time in Lumia 925. It is also a windows 8 phone. Nokia Lumia 925 is the third smart phone offered for elite class by Nokia. Though first two are not stopped but Nokia has attached another flagship.

Nokia Lumia 925 has good camera resolution. The daytime photo result is excellent. Millions of app in the play store. It has 4.5 inch display with 1.280*768 resolutions. Precisely not full HD display. It is gloves and nail friendly touch. You can use Nokia in freezing cold with your gloves on. And girls don’t need to cut their nails for touch screen. The internal storage is sixteen GB with no microSD slot. Nokia Lumia 925 has 8.7 megapixel camera with a rear snapper. It also has the ability to give excellent picture quality in dim light. It has also offered a new camera mode which allows you to take ten pictures at once and edit them with different features like best shot and motion Focus. Oggi is the new app available in Nokia Lumia 925 which will allow people to share photos on Facebook, twitter accounts.

Nokia Lumia 925 is priced around five hundred pounds in United Kingdom. The cost explains the user class of Nokia Lumia 925. It will be available in Asian regions soon. It is been recently launched. The battery time is average but it can be extended with external cover. Though all smart phones lack in long battery time and many latest smart phones are offering large battery. In this competition of remarkable Android and IOS phones Nokia is trying its best to give good and user friendly smart phone.

Nokia lumia 925 is said to be lighter and thinner then lumia 920 with aluminum finish. The call quality is excellent. You can take pictures in dark. Nokia lumia 925 is an improved quality windows phone. It is designed to give user an experience of whole new world.

Once I saw a picture of three students named as Apple, Samsung and Nokia. Apple was working; Samsung was also working but was copying from Apple. And Nokia was sitting at the back and he was upset because he had no idea what to do. That picture showed a fun illusion of the market. I think Nokia took that picture very seriously and they decided to step back in the market instead of sitting back. So, they have their own windows phones in the race of Androids and IOS devices. I cannot say it is equal to the current Androids like HTC one, Samsung Galaxy s4 or IPhone 5. But it is not even worse. Nokia Lumia 925 has its own significant features. This attracts a large segment of people. Nokia is back with strong plans. Soon they will rule the market again.

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Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
thank you :)

Anonymous delete Wednesday, December 25, 2013 at 10:54:00 PM CST

Nokia Lumia 925 has good camera resolution. The daytime photo result is excellent.

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