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Getting the Most Out of a Great Marketing Idea

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If you’ve ever watched any of the documentaries produced about musicians, you may have seen more than one instance where one of the musicians describes being in the studio, recording a song and knowing that they had a hit right there. Marketers sometimes have the same experience. They create something for their marketing strategy and, when they look at it, they know that it’s a genuinely good idea.

Unfortunately, these instances tend to be few and far between. This is likely a good portion of the reason that you’ll see a popular commercial recycled over and over again in various forms on television. If you’re marketing online, you have an advantage over the people who have to keep coming up with different ways to present what amounts to the same television commercial: you can use multiple formats. Here are some ways to do that.


If you have a blog that you use for marketing, remember that it is capable of providing information in multiple formats. It is also designed to provide information in a chronological fashion. This means that you can take a good marketing idea and run with it for a great deal of time.

This opens up the possibility to take a marketing idea and, for example, use it as a way to produce multipart articles. If you were writing about gardening, for instance, you could start out with an article about preparing your garden in the spring, make the second article about selecting plants and make the third article about getting everything planted and ready to grow. This gives people a reason to come back to your blog and read more.

If you’re only using the enticement for people to come back and read more, however, you are missing something very powerful. That powerful tool is multimedia.

Expanding the Idea:

If you have an active comments section on your blog, it’s likely that you get quite a few questions about any given article that you publish. You can take those questions and use them to produce multimedia content that addresses them specifically. Let’s use the gardening example again.

Imagine that, in the first article, you gave some information about how to set up containment for your garden so that the soil doesn’t end up spilling out and so that the water is retained in the area that you are actually watering. You may very well end up with some questions about this on your comments section. Somebody, for instance, may be using slightly different materials than the ones you recommended, and they may want to know how to adapt your strategy to that scenario.

A very logical thing to do in this case would be to produce a video where you address that question. This gives you a chance to do something creative, to expand upon a point that you already made and to keep the marketing idea going so that you get the most out of the idea you came up with. This is a very simple example, but it can be expanded upon and used for any good marketing idea you come up with.

Some WordPress templates are set up so that it’s very easy to add multimedia content, to tag content so that it’s easy for readers to find related articles and so forth. Utilizing these, you can end up with an entire bundle of content in your archives section that people can pour through, whether it’s because you produced a commercial or other advertisement that was particularly funny and they just want to see it or because you produced some great information that they want to read in depth.

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