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How to Optimize Facebook Social Media Channel

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Facebook Optimization
More than 800 million people are using facebook everyday for different proposes. They either use facebook for content and information sharing or networking. It is the largest platform which connects you with your family and friends. Meanwhile it also allows you to put your business online to show the real people. Using the facebook, you can find your friends, colleagues and prospects to your network or for your business. So let have a look on facebook elements and see that how we can get benefits from them.

Facbook’s New Timeline:
Facebook has introduced its new UI, called Timeline. It gives users;

  • Scrapbook Style which will let you display snapshots of your business/brand. It also gives you ability to display or share news or story about your company’s milestone. 
  • Comments and likes on fan pages appear in user’s facebook timeline. These give you and others, ability to share your views on a story or milestone. 
  • Live Stream shows you the latest activities of your friends. 
  • Ticker helps you to like a page without leaving your newsfeed. 
  • Timeline give you ability to show your brand or identity in a large cover photo which is shown above the profile so that you can capture the eye of customer in a better way.

When you start facebook marketing, you can use 2 metrics to measure your success. 1st one is “Your Engagement Rate” and 2nd one is “People Talking About”.

Engagement Rate:
It is determined by dividing the total likes and comments by total number of fans. If your engagement rate is high then it will let you seen more often on facebook.

People Talking About:
It measures and shows that how many people are talking about your posts, pages or your profile. It can be seen under the cover photo of your page in the facebook insights.

Now the question is that how can we interact more people to our fan page. So there are some strategies by which more interactions of people can be got.

Facebook Cover Photos:
A cover image spans the entire length of the timeline so you can get the visitor’s interaction by showing effective message in the cover photo.

Facebook Promoted Posts:
Facebook has extended the ability to show your post to your targeted people by paying some money to facebook. After using promoted post option, your post becomes like a sponsored post which is shown on your friend’s newsfeed and also their friend’s news feeds. Hence you can get a better interaction to your post. Meanwhile you can also target audience according to their groups (sex, age) and locations or relations. However your content must be unique. You can use the following content for promotes posts;

  • Unique Photos and Videos 
  • Offers 
  • Events and News 
  • Questions

Facebook Ads:
Through facebook ads, you can get more visitors and fans to your fan page. Remember that you can get attraction of visitors only if you will have quality content in your fan page so that you can keep your fans in discussions.

Fabeook Apps:
You can also capture more fans via making a like page on your welcome page of your fan page. When a visitor will come to your page, there a welcome message will appear, asking user to like your page and after liking, he will be moved to the content of your page. Facebook gives you option to feature up to 12 apps.
With the using of facebook default apps, you can also build your custom based applications and through them, you can get popularity overall on the facebook.

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