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What Ranks a Website?

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Ranking a Website
Websites get ranked by so many factors today that it is difficult to literally say one specific thing does it all.
In over 100 of the sites that I have built, using various CMS systems, HTML, Flash, etc., I have found that there are 3 things that make a site rank above everything else.

First, contrary to current SEO popularity you absolutely MUST make your website for your visitors. The whole reason you have created an online site is to draw customers to your website in the hopes they read your site, like what they see and hopefully either buy something from you or return to your website again in the future. Without your visitors your site is worthless.

The reason for this is simple:
  1. Google wants your visitor data. They want to be able to track your visitor. Why? Because they are now in the advertising industry. If you look through the acquisitions of Google over the last couple of years, you'll note that they have purchased multiple advertising frameworks. If you read into the advertising industry, you'll note that major companies need customer demographics, behavior and more. So in order to keep Google interested in your website and rank it high, you might want to consider the fact that if you have what Google wants (visitors that can provide them demographic information) then you are helping Google and they probably want you to rank higher in the SERPS.
  2. Second, content is absolutely important. You need to be aware that what you have written on your site is significant. Especially for your visitors - but also for the bot. You can't escape with copy paste unoriginal content any longer. Duplication is a rank killer. Regardless of who wrote it first, if it's duplicated the ranks drop. But not only that, the writing needs to be proper grammar, proper syntax and needs to be coherent in thought. Yep... The Google Bot has gotten a Mater's Degree in English.
  3. Third and finally you need to make sure your meta description, meta keywords, title and content all match. Stop trying to over stuff your site with keywords, instead just write about what you're an authority in. If you're a fish tank cleaner, write about every detail of what you do, write articles about it and make your meta tags fit.
  4. Lastly - don't forget to alt-tag your images with description information.

There are a few other tricks you can do that are just good webmaster practices - but if you do the above things you can rank your sites. If you do them well.

About the Author:
Meki Cox is a writer with a long and varied background in multiple industries. She is currently a partner in AV Computer Doctor as the web desiger, SEO content writer and does journalism and Social Media on the side. As a part owner of the computer repair center she has learned a lot about the negative practices in the industry and has made efforts to teach people about those actions. Her partner and she work together to educate, promote moral business ethics and help all customers for a better future and reputation.

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