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What is a Torrent? A Basic Guide

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You would hear about Torrent but would never get a chance to know about it and how it works efficiently. Many of us would be using it to download legal and illegal files. Torrent can be used in a good way but also many of people use it to spread Virus tow worldwide. They upload the virus infected files on the service and named them as the other files or movies to download hence when a user download them, its PC is also infected by attack of virus.

What is a Torrent?
Torrent is a extension of file which contain the information of files to be downloaded, their URLs, trackers, Size etc.

What is BitTorrent and Utorrent?
BitTorrent is a set of protocols which is used to download the file from a Peer-to-Peer shared network. The software which is used to download the file using BitTorrent protocols is called Utorrent.

Why to Download Using BitTorrent?
Many of us would have experience of downloading file when it is being in downloading process and suddenly the PC shuts down then the downloading will stop and you will to re-download it, but there is nothing problem using BitTorrent. When downloading with BitTorrent, if anytime PC shuts down or downloading stops then you can resume the downloading from where you left. Meanwhile BitTorrent will be downloading the file from not one resource but many resources. In simple words this means that whoever is downloading the file (including you) will become a source computer and will share that file automatically with those who are searching for that file. For example, if you are downloading a file using any BitTorrent client and your download is 25% completed and it’s still downloading, you will be sharing that 25% with other users on Internet who are using BitTorrent protocol.

Let’s make it Simple:
  1. First of all you will have to download a Torrent file which will be in much less size (Kb’s) and will take time just some seconds to download. 
  2. The torrent file will have some basic information about the file which you are going to download. Note that the main computer in which the original file is place is known as Tracker, the computer which is downloading the file, is called leecher and the computer which has its complete downloaded copy of files is known as seeder. 
  3. Now open the file in any BitTorrent Client Software. 
  4. BitTorrent Client Software now will look into the Torrent file and will find the trackers and leechers and then it will communicate with them and will start downloading automatically from the central (main) tracker computer. 
  5. Now it will look leechers and will download file from them in pieces. 
  6. The downloading will be not in sequence. But as there will be many parts of a single file, so it would be downloaded some part of file from a computer and others parts are from others, others and this goes so on. 
  7. When all the parts are downloaded, BitTorrent Client will combine all the parts to form it in a single file.

Note: If you have completed the download of file then the other computers can download the file from your computer using BitTorrent Clientsas your computer would have become seeder now hence it will be sharing its resource of file with other computers as well.

Terminologies Related to BitTorrent:
  • Indexer: are the websites which contain the Torrent files.
  • Leecher: is the computer where the downloading of file is in process and not completed yet.
  • Peer: It is same as Leecher but it is without negative association.
  • Seeder: is the computer which has downloaded the complete file.
  • Swarm: If all seeds and leechers are connected then it is called swarm.
  • Tracker: is the main computer where the original file is placed.
  • Health: If people keep seeding the file for maximum time after its download is completed then its health will be more but if people don’t seed anymore after the download completes then its health will be poor.
  • Ratio: is determined by dividing Data Uploaded by Data Downloaded.

  • Always download the file after checking the comments.
  • If there is any video file then try to download the Torrent file from that website which contains any screenshots of it.
  • Always try to download the file which has more peers, leechers and seeds.
  • After the download is completed, don’t forget to run a virus scan of the downloaded files.

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